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Irdeto is a world leader in Media Protection, Multiscreen and Revenue Assurance solutions for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners. Irdeto enables pay media companies to provide a personal media experience for their consumers, uncover new revenue opportunities and offer new forms of entertainment on broadcast, broadband and mobile networks. The company offers an advanced portfolio of conditional access, rights management, multi-screen, home networking, piracy control and business intelligence services.

For more than 40 years Irdeto has been helping to evolve today's connected day — from enabling the world's first digital satellite pay TV network to the world's first mobile broadcast TV service to nearly every device and medium that a business or consumer engages on a regular basis. Irdeto has been there from the beginning and proudly looks forward to continuing to foster the connected day, driven by the digital industry.

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Success throughout the Connected Day

The power of digital technology has afforded us a truly connected world. Each day, we converse with colleagues and friends around the world, share information for business or personal reasons, participate in online communities and enjoy the digital sights and sounds that are delivered to us how, where and when we want. Though behind the scenes, making the connected day a reality is not as simple as a click on a computer or remote control or the touch on a mobile device.

Irdeto helps create flexible and sustainable, businesses for our customers by offering content creators and providers the ability to securely protect their digital assets from theft or misuse. Irdeto also enables customers to continue to develop and deliver compelling media experiences that draw audiences back for more. However, protecting digital assets is not just about music, videos and games. Every day, businesses rely on Irdeto for the assurance that information and digital assets will not be compromised or transgress compliance regulations.

Irdeto also thrives when it comes to protecting content on a variety of platforms including TVs, video recorders, set-top boxes, PCs, video game consoles, mobile phones, and other portable media devices. For business customers, Irdeto allays a company's fear of compromised digital content, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

With regional main offices in Amsterdam and Beijing, Irdeto is a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (JSE: NPN).

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Management Team


Chief Executive Officer SVP Sales and Marketing (Acting)


Graham Kill joined Irdeto as chief financial officer and operations director in 1995. He became chief executive officer of Irdeto in 1998. Prior to joining Irdeto, Graham worked for the FilmNet Group (later NetHold) in corporate finance and business development focused on European pay TV business development initiatives, various acquisitions and financing transactions. Prior to that, Graham held management positions at USC, British Gypsum and the British Coal Corporation.

Graham holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and an engineering degree from the University of Nottingham. He is a registered European Engineer, a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Graham has lived in the UK, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and China.


Chief Financial Officer


Before joining Irdeto as CFO in June 2010, Germon was CFO APAC for BT ( British Telecom ) based out of Hong Kong. Prior to that, Germon held several VP Finance or regional CFO functions with global multinational corporations like Lucent Technologies, Textron and K2. In addition, Germon gained his professional experience in auditing and in transaction services with PWC in Germany. Germon has led finance teams in various regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Germon's origin is from the Netherlands and he lived in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Munich, Germany. He holds an executive MBA from Kingston University in England, as well as a BA degree in both auditing and accounting.


Chief Technology Officer


Andrew Wajs joined Irdeto in 1992 as a development engineer where he architected the world's first DVB Conditional Access system. Since joining he has been the senior systems architect, a key innovator and patent author. Subsequent to this he has been the force behind many start-up projects within Irdeto ranging from secure music distribution, session based watermarking for video and audio content, the world's first pay satellite mobile TV solution in Korea and software based security solutions for digital content. Andrew has held a range of positions ranging from engineering, system engineering, VP Product Line Management and is now the Chief Technology Officer of Irdeto. Before Irdeto, he managed the Advanced Products Group in Mindport during 1998-99. Prior to that, he held a similar position at Altech Public Networks. Andrew has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.


SVP Services


Prior to joining Irdeto, Ben worked extensively in the digital TV, interactive media/entertainment and mobile telecoms sectors in a number of countries worldwide, most recently in a consultative role as President and Advisor to the Board of Equilibrium. He joined Equilibrium from OpenTV where he was CEO and led the company to its first year of profitability before taking OpenTV private (from NASDAQ) by merging with its parent company. Before becoming CEO, Ben also held the roles of Managing Director of OpenTV's European operations and Senior Vice President of World Wide Professional Services and Consulting where he was responsible for sales and customer deployments in over 30 countries worldwide.

Prior to his time at OpenTV, Ben held management positions at Spyglass (Chicago, USA), Logica (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and British Telecom (London, UK). Ben holds an Honors Degree in Engineering Science and Technology from Loughborough University of Technology in England and currently resides in San Francisco, USA.


SVP Talent Community


Before joining Irdeto in 2009, Barry was the top HR executive for the ORCO Property Group based in Paris and Prague. His past wealth of experience includes SVP and VP roles in Global HR for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Technicolor, and Platinum Equity, and international HR leadership roles for the Dexter Corporation in Chicago and Zurich and for ISP, GmbH. in Berlin, Hong Kong and Moscow.

Prior to his HR roles, Barry spent his early career in internationally-based assignments for the U.S. Foreign Service as a Diplomat. Barry has managed multicultural teams with region-wide responsibilities in Europe, North and South America, and Asia/Pacific.

A member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Barry graduated from both San Francisco State University and the Foreign Service Institute in Washington, D.C. and holds an advanced certificate in International Benefits from the International Benefits Information Service.


SVP Solutions


Prior to joining Irdeto in August of 2010, Martin had held senior positions with Nortel, Motorola and Newbridge Networks, as well as CEO, VP and founding roles with Ubiquity Software, Castleton Network Systems and Ambercore. Internationally active in telecommunications, energy, infrastructure and government market sectors, Martin has lead multi-disciplinary teams, delivering leading solutions to market.

Martin studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary and holds a Masters degree in Engineering Management from the University of Ottawa. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada.

A "Green" Company

Irdeto is committed to environmental responsibility, as evidenced by its architectural and interior design and energy utilization principles in its Netherlands office, and its focus on finding innovative ways to deliver “greener” solutions to the market.

Irdeto's Western headquarters was designed and built with the environment in mind. Located just opposite Hoofddorp train station, the building is equipped with bike racks and showers to encourage employees to use environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. Designed by MIII Architects, this sustainable 10,000 sq. m. office building meets the GreenCalc-score B.

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MIII and Irdeto developed the building with a strong focus on sustainability, flexibility and future scalability. The charcoal-colored brick pedestal elevates the building and can accommodate 200 vehicles in a two-story car park. The building is sculpted into three wings, each six stories high, with a centrally-located atrium that features a wooden curtain wall that covers the concrete construction. The wooden curtain wall is made from 100% sustainable Western Red Cedar.

The carpeting and inside wall coverings utilize post consumer-recycled content, reducing the amount of trees and other natural resources used in the manufacturing process.

Where possible, Irdeto sourced local vendors for other materials like furniture and tiles, reducing transportation costs and by-products, further lowering the company's carbon footprint.

Compact fluorescent lighting with high intensity reflectors also minimize the amount of energy used. Lighting requirements are offset by the many windows throughout the building, and the large skylights in the atrium, restaurant and mezzanine areas.

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide sweeping views of the surrounding terrain, showcasing the relationship between natural and fabricated materials. This eco-friendly building is the perfect design contrast to the digitally-oriented, high-tech company it houses.

"Green" Solutions

Irdeto supports the European Union's voluntary agreement on energy saving, in addition to the voluntary agreements in the U.S. and Australia. Irdeto also participates actively in industry forums to further the energy saving cause, and offers a sound strategy and practical approach to help our customers become "green" with both new and existing deployments.

Irdeto Cloaked CA, a greener way to protect pay TV

One great example of Irdeto's green initiative is Irdeto Cloaked CA, an innovative card-less software security solution that delivers the same level of uncompromising security as a smart card, for protecting digital TV content. Smart cards, commonly used in pay TV and other security-critical industries, are built from layers of plastic, electronic components, copper and gold among other materials. Many toxic substances such as glues and solvents are used in the production, assembling and packaging of smart cards, and transporting cards between locations and distributing them to end users also require significant logistical efforts and resources, and produce waste.

All this leads to a significant amount of energy usage and waste, which clearly has a negative impact on the environment and incurs costs for operators. While Irdeto's strategy has always been to help operators renew security over the air on deployed smart cards to keep them in the field for as long as possible, it is common in the pay TV industry for conditional access (CA) providers to leverage card swaps as a way to update security. Irdeto estimated that more than 78 million cards were swapped globally by pay TV operators in 2011, and as many as HALF A BILLION cards would be swapped from 2011 to 2015. As a smart card weighs six grams each, the estimated number of swapped cards in five years represents nearly 3500 tons of waste — comparable to 300 mature elephants!

Committed to security, environmentally conscious

As a cardless solution, Cloaked CA eliminates the energy and waste associated with smart card production, distribution and disposal. Being "green" does not mean any compromises on the "cool factor", either, as security updates, new features and functionalities for Cloaked CA can be easily downloaded over the air to the device on both one-way and two-way networks.

With Cloaked CA, Irdeto fully redefines the traditional pay TV security approach, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to a smart card solution. See how pay TV operators such as Stofa and Mega Media are using Cloaked CA, Irdeto's fully renewable, software-based conditional access solution, to ensure uncompromising security for their pay TV services.

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Irdeto conducts its operations according to world class standards to ensure its products and services attain high levels of quality and security.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Irdeto conducts its operations according to world class standards to ensure its products and services attain high levels of quality and security. This is supported by the implementation of an ISO 9001 certified Business Management System and an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System providing a framework for processes driving the company’s strategy and objectives. This framework of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 international standards enable Irdeto to constantly enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its processes. Irdeto's implementation of both standards are regularly audited by an external certification body. While the ISO 9001 certificate covers our DTV Business Line and the ISO 27001 certificate covers the secure generation and handling of key material in our head office in Hoofddorp, the processes and principles are applied across the organization.

FIPS 140-2, Level One Validation

Irdeto's Cloakware Security Kernel has received level one certification of the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 140-2, a government standard that validates security claims for cryptography products through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Communications Security Establishment. The Cloakware Security Kernel incorporates an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit key that is made more robust using Irdeto's transcoding "white-box" technology. Validation to FIPS140-2 is required for any cryptographic solution in use by U.S. and Canadian federal agencies including contracted service providers.


Irdeto was the first foreign manufacturer to receive Class A SARFT certification from the Chinese State Administration for Radio Film and Television (SARFT). The certification mandates increased levels of specification for providers of conditional access (CA) systems in the areas of reliability, security and scalability.