Top 10 Reasons to Work at Irdeto

1. Leading the pack.

Irdeto is a company that is ahead of the curve — our technology is highly adaptable to the changing times, ensuring we are partners for the long run with our customers.

2. Work-life balance.

Get some! Irdeto knows there's more to life than work. That's why we're flexible in balancing the needs of your job.

3. Appreciation is the best motivation!

We've created an inspiring workspace you'll be glad to be a part of, including professional development opportunities, team sports and great incentive programs!

4. Teamwork.

Teamwork is not just a cliche at Irdeto. Irdeto truly believes that collaboration produces the best ideas. Everyone has the opportunity to engage with others anywhere throughout the company, allowing an exchange of ideas in a creative, challenging work environment that promotes autonomy and leadership.

5. We love being different!

Irdeto is proud of the diversity in our people and locations and we encourage everyone to share and celebrate what makes them special!

6. Stability.

We're here for good! Irdeto is a solid technology innovator, backed by a multi-billion dollar parent company. For more than 40 years, we have been leading the market, and with our expanding technology line, we are ensuring that we will be around for many, many more.

7. Mobility.

Work...well, wherever!! At Irdeto, you can change the world from every corner. With offices in more than 21 countries — including dual headquarters in Amsterdam and Beijing — you can work virtually anywhere in the world, gaining valuable international experience!

8. We've gone Green!

Our new Western HQ has been constructed with the environment in mind. Designed by MIII Architects, this sustainable 10,000 sq m office building meets the GreenCalc-score B. MIII and Irdeto valued sustainability, flexibility and future orientation in the development of the building. By using recycled products and going "paperless" we are ensuring that Irdeto is constantly striving to make the world a better place.

9. We want to make you better!

With a leading edge employee management system, Irdeto encourages employees to continually grow through lifelong learning. We offer job-related training classes designed to improve technical, sales, interpersonal, and management skills. Irdeto firmly believes in nurturing and promoting internal talent — encouraging personal and company success!

10. FUN!

From everything to volleyball leagues, birthday parties — including cake! — and fitness classes, Irdeto is a fun and inspiring place to work.

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