Media Protection

Video business complexity is increasing exponentially, from content broadcasted and consumed on set-top boxes to content delivered via many networks to virtually any device. With this complexity, piracy is evolving faster than ever, and the top threat for many operators is shifting from control word sharing to Internet content redistribution.


It is more critical and difficult than ever for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners to protect their valuable media assets and investments against emerging threats as the impact on their business is often global and immediate.

Irdeto provides operators, OTT service providers and content owners with robust defense against the ever-changing threat of piracy. Our experience and offering provide the effective and flexible support required to protect the TV services of today and tomorrow.


Investment protection with effective, extensible security

The key to effective studio grade security lies in staying ahead of the ever-changing piracy threats. This is done through a holistic protection strategy involving both innovative technologies and fully renewable client security that can be rapidly and remotely updated, whether it be on a smart card, software CA client or a consumer device that may or may not be managed by the operator. This strategy helps operators protect their investments by avoiding a technology lock-in that could hamper future innovation, or worse yet, weaken the defense against piracy.

Uncompromising media protection on any device

To ensure the success of the service, the operator must enable consumers to securely access premium content from any device of choice, including the “must-have” devices of tomorrow. In addition, operators must ensure uncompromising security on any device to satisfy content owners, or they may risk losing rights to premium content. Irdeto supports a variety of DRMs and provides a proprietary hardening security technology that is proven to protect three billion applications for some of the world’s largest companies.

Solutions & Services

Home Networking Security

Seamlessly expand the viewing options for your premium content to your subscribers’ devices through dynamic distribution from the STB or home gateway anywhere within the home.

Content Format Protection

Irdeto BD+ Blu-ray copy protection enables studios to protect high definition Blu-ray® Disc content, secure the studio release window and deliver a seamless, high-quality consumer experience.

Conditional Access

Whether smart card or software-based, stay ahead of ever-changing security threats with the in-built, full renewability of Irdeto CA whose advanced update mechanisms also ensure the crucial flexibility for the evolution of your TV services.

Integrated Management System

Studio-grade protection for your premium content across a vast range of un-managed, IP-connected consumer devices with advanced technologies to reinforce any DRM solution you choose.

Key and Credentials

As the pay TV landscape becomes more multi-faceted and the security requirements more complex, some operators have looked to us to manage the lifecycles of their security assets lifecycles. Our expertise and independence have enabled us to build up a provider-agnostic solution for the management of multiple security and technology keys and certificates across a wide range of managed and un-managed devices for our customers.

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