Today, multi-screen is no longer a defensive play or an experiment. It is here to stay, and if done well, it can be part of an offensive revenue-making strategy to propel your business forward.


Key factors that affect the success of the offering include:

  • a personalized user experience that drives media consumption and brand loyalty
  • the ability to quickly launch services and scale to meet changing consumer demands, and
  • the flexibility to protect premium content on any “must-have” device of today and tomorrow.

Irdeto provides answers to help an operator no matter where they are in their own multi-screen journey. We provide a fully managed reference architecture that not only shortens time to market, but prevents technology lock in so that you can keep pace with your consumers and the next "must have" device.


Monetizing using different business models

Digital media rarely follows a revenue recipe. Having the freedom to test market preferences and pricing - whether it be an a-la-carte purchase, rental, free, ad-sponsored or bundles - is a powerful tool for operators to fine-tune their offering to compete.

Uncompromising content protection

To license premium content, studio grade protection is a must. And with consumers wanting to watch programs on managed and unmanaged devices, that can be challenging. The best solution would provide an unobtrusive high level of security both on today’s phones, tablets, PCs, and STBs as well as for tomorrows “must have” devices.

Increase customer loyalty with a personalized media experience

While many offerings focus on getting content on to phones, tablets, etc., the real challenge is making a compelling experience across devices that keep consumers wanting more. An intuitive, graphical navigation that is implemented natively on the target device, coupled with the best recommendation technology will turn what was once a defensive strategy into a revenue maker.

Reduce risk and cost and expedite time to market

Many operators make a tradeoff between getting to market sooner with a system that doesn’t meet their requirements or having to take more time to get a solution built to spec. A managed, open reference architecture not only frees an operator from technology lock in and operational overhead, but allows expeditious time to market for a multi-screen service that meets most, if not all, of their specifications.

Solutions & Services

Content Management

Easily ingest content and transcode to multiple formats. Leverage efficient and scalable content preparation workflows, that along with metadata handling, allows for expeditious multi-screen distribution.

Content Monetization

Pre-integrated solution for managing real-time consumer billing, supporting industry leading payment gateways that support: TVOD, SVOD, PPV, and more. Open APIs support highly customizable purchase workflows to meet any business model.

User Experience

Deliver a personal media experience on any device including: tablets, connected TVs, STBs, smart phones, PCs, etc. Allow consumers to interact and discover content through a consistent experience and includes support for: social network integration, ad platforms, recommendations, etc. through a scalable and open plug-in architecture.


A DRM and streaming agnostic, open platform solution for securing content for delivery over IP. Add in support for PlayReady (with Irdeto's ActiveCloak™ technology) and Rights management, and your content meets the demands of studios, operators and consumers.

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