Revenue Assurance

One fundamental rule for a successful business is predictability. The negative impact of piracy on predictability is obvious. Yet, what often creates risk is not knowing what is happening in your market that prevents you from taking the right actions in time. Only with relevant knowledge can you deliver more value to consumers, hence consistently get the highest return on your content investment.


Irdeto helps operators, OTT service providers and content owners build a sustainable business with a range of services designed to maximize revenue potential. It provides security and piracy control to identify and stop revenue loss due to content theft. It also sheds insight on media consumption patterns to help operators design services to increase revenue. Having a market strategy alongside any piracy control action is essential to re-engage disrupted illegal viewers with legitimate services.


Stopping revenue loss with a holistic, dynamic anti-piracy approach

The battle-lines against content piracy differ for each operator, from control word sharing on broadcast networks to illegal content redistribution on the Internet. To protect future revenues against rapidly emerging threats, operators can no longer sustain the traditional model of buying an increasing array of products to deal with the “latest crisis”. Having a service partner with the capabilities, experience and network to fight any form of piracy is essential to stay ahead of the threats.

Controlling risks and costs with tailored services

Managing the highest level of revenue protection requires attention to all aspects of the operation, over the content lifecycle – from device security, site certification, ongoing monitoring and countermeasure applications, to proactive technology updates. Irdeto offers comprehensive services and best practices that have addressed operators’ unique needs, while helping them maintain cost predictability and minimize risks.

Increasing revenue potential with business insight

Alongside any anti-piracy action, operators must have a marketing strategy to re-engage disrupted illegal viewers and turn them to operators’ legal services to increase revenue, be it broadcast or over-the-top. Knowing what type of piracy is prevalent in specific regions can help operators decide on their service offering strategy – if content redistribution is common then an operator may look to a multiscreen or OTT offering. Understanding consumption patterns and content demands can also enable operators to make informed decisions about service designs.

Solutions & Services

Piracy Control

Identify piracy threats with intelligence research, evaluate risks with analysis and investigations and enforce compliance by removing infringing content from public domain and supporting legal prosecution. Protect Irdeto CA and DRM solutions against threats over the entire lifecycle, from site certification, ongoing monitoring and countermeasure applications, to proactive security updates that maximize protection and return on investment.

Business Intelligence

Gather content consumption information in an operator’s market, identify piracy activities on the Internet and P2P networks and provide insight needed for take-down notices and new service offerings.

Media Platform Security

Help operators secure the platform on which media is delivered and consumed with a range of piracy control services and STB security evaluations.


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Piracy Control

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