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About Us

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At Irdeto, we believe our customers should feel confident and prepared, no matter what challenges they face. We protect digital platforms and applications for media & entertainment, connected transport, and IoT connected industries.

Our solutions and services enable our customers to protect their brand and revenues, create new offerings and fight cybercrime. We think holistically with a true end-to-end solution – it’s not enough to excel in one area of security. We differentiate by having a 360 view of security that is as deep as it is comprehensive, and can actually leverage that view to solve business challenges and predict the challenges on the horizon. As our tailored solutions will empower our customers to continually adapt and grow with the changing times, we build a strong relationship with each of them. With nearly 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s software security technology and cyber services protect over 5 billion devices and applications for some of the world’s best known brands.

Management Team Bios

photo: Doug Lowther

Doug Lowther

Chief Executive Officer

photo: Maarten Koning

Maarten Koning

Chief Financial Officer

photo: Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett

SVP Business Development

photo: Andrew Bunten

Andrew Bunten

SVP Content Protection

photo: Jaco Du Plooy

Jaco Du Plooy

VP of IoT Security

photo: Ingeborg van Harten

Ingeborg van Harten

Head of Human Resources (interim)

photo: Bengt Jonsson

Bengt Jonsson

SVP Sales and Services

photo: Rory O'Connor

Rory O'Connor

SVP Cybersecurity Services

photo: Peter Oggel

Peter Oggel

Chief Technology Officer

photo: Niels Haverkorn

Niels Haverkorn

General Manager, Connected Transport

photo: Melt Loubser

Melt Loubser

VP of Broadcast Managed Services

A "Green" Company

photo: A Green Company Irdeto is committed to environmental responsibility, as evidenced by its architectural and interior design and energy utilization principles in its Netherlands office, and its focus on finding innovative ways to deliver “greener” solutions to the market.

Irdeto's office in the Netherlands was designed and built with the environment in mind. Located just opposite Hoofddorp train station, the building is equipped with bike racks and showers to encourage employees to use environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. Designed by MIII Architects, this sustainable 10,000 sq. m. office building meets the GreenCalc-score B.




Irdeto conducts its operations according to world class standards to ensure its products and services attain high levels of quality and security.


ISO 9001

Irdeto conducts its operations according to world class standards to ensure its products and services attain high levels of quality and security. This is supported by the implementation of an ISO 9001 certified Business Management System providing a framework for processes driving the company’s strategy and objectives. This framework of ISO 9001 international standard enables Irdeto to constantly enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its processes. Irdeto's implementation of the standard is regularly audited by an external certification body. While the ISO 9001 certificate covers our DTV Business Line, the process and principle are applied across the organization.



Irdeto was the first foreign manufacturer to receive Class A SART certification from the Chinese State Administration for Radio and Television (SART). The certification mandates increased levels of specification for providers of conditional access (CA) systems in the areas of reliability, security and scalability.