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Secure Apps

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Mobile applications are used for some of the most critical and confidential functions across every industry – from retail to banking to healthcare. Unfortunately, they are extremely soft targets for hackers and cybercriminals. One key reason is mobile devices themselves. 82% of Android devices tested by the Vulnerability Test Suite for Android had at least one of 25 known vulnerabilities.

At particular risk are the APIs that carry sensitive data back and forth from the interface to back-end systems. The difficulty in protecting mobile APIs lies in hardening code and keys that sit on the device and can be easily accessed by malware. As a result, client-side APIs are continuously being compromised by attacks including MitM (man-in-the-middle), code injection, social phishing, brute force, BOT, and others.

Putting the enterprise at risk

Perhaps surprisingly, these types of attacks often go undetected. And it’s not just consumers who are the targets. With the rise of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, hackers are attempting to attack enterprises through vulnerabilities in mobile devices. And most organizations have no idea how many of their mobile devices were attacked in the last month.

Preventing and/or mitigating the impact of attacks on mobile applications requires that the code, APIs and data messaging are hardened and cloaked from the client to the server, across all devices, browsers, interfaces and gateways.

Two levels of protection

Logo: Cloakware Irdeto offers two levels of protection for mobile applications with its Cloakware™ for Secure Apps solutions.

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