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Branding Guidelines

We aim to maximize the impact and value of our corporate identity by presenting a consistent and public face that is unique to Irdeto. This site gives guidelines for use of Irdeto's logo, colors and other brand related assets. If you have a specific question or have a need that is not covered in this site, please contact marketing@irdeto.com

Corporate colors

Consistent color usage is integral to the integrity of the Irdeto brand. Below are approved color formula variations for web and print applications. For printing, when Pantone colors can be specified, use Pantone (PMS) 260 and Pantone (PMS) 583 for the primary palette colors of Irdeto purple and green. When Pantone colors cannot be specified, use the four-color (CMYK) process equivalents provided. For web and online usage, RGB and hex color specifications have been provided.

Primary palette

The primary palette consists of the two colors of the Irdeto logo, Irdeto Purple and Irdeto Green. These color specifications are critical to ensure brand consistency in all applications. For illustrations and charts, the primary palette should always be used for emphasis. Irdeto purple may also be used as a solid background color, and works well for headlines and type. Irdeto green maybe used as secondary color to accent and complement the purple.

RGB 93R.23G.106B
HEX #5D176A
CMYK 66C.100M.8Y.27K
PMS 260 C

Irdeto purple

RGB 174R.191G.30B
CMYK 25C.0M.100Y.15K
PMS 583 C

Irdeto green

Secondary palette

The secondary palette has been developed to support and enhance the usage of Irdeto Purple and Irdeto Green. Due to the different requirements for print and web, a range of values for each color are provided to give flexibility for design but to keep a unified palette. The range of greys are useful for typography and neutral backgrounds. The range of blues are useful for charts, illustrations and accent typography, such as links for web. The range of greens may be used for charts, illustrations or graphic devices.

RGB 60R.60G.60B
CMYK 0C.0M.0Y.92K
PMS Black 7 C

RGB 91R.91G.91B
CMYK 0C.0M.0Y.80K

RGB 155R.155G.155B
HEX #9b9b9b
CMYK 0C.0M.0Y.47K

RGB 230R.230G.230B
CMYK 0C.0M.0Y.10K


RGB 0R.163G.224B
HEX #00A3E0
CMYK 86C.8M.0Y.0K
PMS 299 C

RGB 121R.207G.244B
CMYK 47C.1M.1Y.0K

RGB 170R.227G.251B
CMYK 30C.0M.1Y.0K

RGB 222R.240G.247B
CMYK 12C.1M.2Y.0K