A security breach or a serious hack can be devastating to a company’s brand. The damage – financial and reputational – could be so great that a business may never fully recover. Irdeto’s Cloakware cybersecurity technology, products and solutions have been securing digital assets for 20 years. Irdeto was the inventor of whitebox cryptography and its Cloakware solutions are differentiated by its rich history of innovation and built-in diversity and renewability features.

Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications for media & entertainment, gaming, connected transport and IoT connected industries. Our solutions and services enable customers to protect their revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime.

Device Security

Safeguard critical functionality in modules and devices from perimeter security breaches

Software Security

Anti-tamper, anti-reverse engineering tool suite for advanced security teams

Risk Management

Threat risk assessment, secure architecture design, and whitebox security testing

IoT Security

Any player in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem needs to deliver an enriching consumer experience safely and easily, and be able to innovate without fear. Cloakware for IoT Solutions prevent hackers from reverse engineering through sophisticated transformations that make original code and data impossible to analyze, generated with a changeable seed that can be scrambled on the fly to frustrate any hacking attempt. Irdeto’s technologies create a hardened OS that runs only the software you specify, signs all binaries to prevent modification, encrypts certificates and resources, and protects the system with a hardware rooted chain of trust. Irdeto Keys & Credentials, a part of Irdeto’s Cloakware product family, is a managed security service that puts OEMs in control – enabling them to own and provision keys on devices deployed in the field, establishing a hardware-based root of trust.

Video Entertainment

Irdeto Cloaked CA is the most advanced and most widely deployed cardless conditional access system for broadcast operators worldwide. Leveraging Irdeto’s exclusive Cloakware core security technology, to protect both the content and the software itself, Cloaked CA is recognized by all major Hollywood studios and has been repeatedly certified for premium content protection by independent industry auditor.

Irdeto Keys & Credentials is a vendor neutral, managed security service operated by Irdeto as an independent Trust Authority. From its dedicated, secure production facilities, Irdeto removes the burden of ongoing security operations and key management.

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