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Early-Stage Companies

Start-ups face lots of challenges and cybersecurity is one among them. Building cybersecurity into a Connected Health start-up from the get-go.

The best timeframe to determine your product’s cybersecurity strategy is early; we can help

Start-ups and scale-ups in the MedTech space have a complex path from ideation to market. Addressing cyber risk, functional cybersecurity needs, and regulatory requirements are just a few of the areas where we can (and do) help early-stage medical device, digital health, and telehealth companies simplify their path to market.

How can Irdeto help you scale-up?

Healthcare landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. New medical technologies include AI/ML solutions, Digital therapeutics, SaMD, Data analytics, Cloud connectivity platforms, and much more. These evolving digital technologies come with their share of cybersecurity risk and threats, which are equally dynamic.

At Irdeto, we offer you security solutions and services to meet your medical device and digital health use case requirement. With over 50 years of security expertise and as an inventor of whitebox cryptography solutions backed with a portfolio, which is holistic and evolving, we can help you throughout the entire product lifecycle from security concept design to incident investigation and response.

How do you measure clinical cyber risk?

Effective cybersecurity implementations are designed with positive patient outcomes as a high priority. Understanding the potential clinical impact of a cyber event on your product is crucial to minimizing cyber risk.

Are you a MedTech or digital health start-up?

You wouldn’t invest in a start-up without knowing the risks. Neither will V.C.s. Find out how to categorize and mitigate your MedTech start-up’s risk by applying for a complimentary assessment from Irdeto!

The future of healthcare is connected

We can help prepare your device and software for the connected future.

As a leader in cybersecurity, our key strengths lie in device and software security and we have a broad product portfolio of critical resources to help early stage MedTech companies proactively address the future market and regulatory requirements for IoMT devices: Check out Irdeto’s current product portfolio:

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