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Irdeto’s comprehensive telehealth app protection strategy

Irdeto promotes the philosophy of in-depth, layered and intertwined protection of code, data and keys. Whitebox Cryptography, along with applying rigorous mathematical formulas to Protected Health Information (PHI), critical data, code, executables and keys without negatively affecting the performance of the application, significantly reduces the chances of an app being compromised. We protect your app with the following best-in-breed security techniques:

  • State-of-the-art key, code and binary obfuscation.
  • Encryption and masking of data at-rest and in-use.
  • Control flow flattening to shield against static analysis.
  • Build-time/run-time integrity verification for tamper-proofing.
  • Whitebox Cryptography including globally recognized and industry approved crypto libraries for safeguarding ciphers and key data.


  • Anti-debug to protect the software in hostile environments.

  • Anti-hook to detect hooking frameworks on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Jailbreak/rooting detection to protect binary and data.

  • Secure Store to contain your data objects in a cryptographically encrypted place.

Irdeto’s mobile app protection

Irdeto offers two peerless solutions for app protection and data security based on the needs, budget and the lifecycle status of an app.

Time to implement

Weave it to your app from the ground up in the development process.

Bring your developed app and we will protect it!

Supported Platforms

iOS, Android, Windows, Linux

iOS, Android

Functional Transformation

Data Obfuscation/Encryption

Control Flow Flattening

Control Flow Integrity

Secure inlining and merging

Secure name mangling and string transforms

Whitebox Cryptography



Jailbreak detection

Root detection

Runtime integrity verification

Build time integrity verification

Secure Store


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