Safety and privacy drives the need for security

The lure of consumer convenience and access to big data for optimizing connected buildingshomes, and even cities drives the high CAGR you can see in the IoT category of Connected Spaces. It is not hard to imagine the many benefits of connecting all the devices in a given space, big or small, including personalization, automation, efficiency, conservation and new features. However,  such rampant connectivity comes with new responsibilities for safety and data privacy, which demand new security solutions to be in place.

Connected devices open cybersecurity risks

As more and more devices become connected, many industries that were previously secure are experiencing new threats or attacks to their services. With the increased connectivity of devices and ecosystems, these new connected services are also exposed to greater security risk.

To address this, there are many security solutions for malware and endpoint authentication readily available on the market. However, the protection of the legitimate device software and applications remains a security weakness in most connected ecosystems. As companies take advantage of connected devices, they must be aware of the full cybersecurity risk in front of them.

Standard Security procedures, such as secure coding guidelines, vulnerability scanning and malware protection are not sufficient – unprotected software is still readable as a book and vulnerable

A hacker’s business is based on breaking and selling modified versions of device or application software, or by wholesaling valuable data. Irdeto’s Cloakware for Connected Spaces is built on numerous advanced security technologies, all mutually reinforcing each other, to make it exceedingly difficult for hackers to reverse engineer the software and leverage code vulnerabilities.

Ensuring that your software runs correctly, free of reverse engineering or tampering

Irdeto’s multi-layer, ever-evolving security can locate and plug holes in security, thereby stopping hackers from accessing their systems and running malicious, damaging code. Irdeto’s technologies create a hardened web of security around a company’s most valuable assets, and as such ensuring that only the software specified runs on their systems and devices.

 Irdeto: Your partner in Connected Spaces

Combining proven technologies and services, Irdeto’s Cloakware for Connected Spaces protects customers’ connected applications and connected devices from reverse engineering, tampering and circumvention, keeping hackers and criminals out of their products.

For nearly 50 years, Irdeto has worked with software application providers, connected device manufacturers, pay media operators and content creators to secure their products and businesses. Now turning this security expertise to industries leveraging connected devices, Irdeto sees privacy and protection against cyber criminals as fundamental to a healthy and safe digital future.

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Mark Hearn

Head of IoT Security

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