Intelligent cities bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the lives of the world’s increasingly urban populations. As cities become more crowded, local governments need to introduce ways to increase mobility, air quality, and safety, and encourage more sustainable use of resources.
However, intelligent cities are connected at a large scale, and cybersecurity is becoming top of mind when getting citizens to comfortably engage in new services. Unsecured applications and IoT devices can be used to launch a large-scale cyberattack that could ground an entire city to a halt. This is interesting for criminal hackers looking to extort ransoms or for nation states to interfere in another country’s affairs.
Connected device manufacturers and developers of critical applications have an urgent need to adopt a defense in depth approach to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Cloakware: renewable security in depth that protects applications and IoT devices from the inside-out

The days of relying solely on perimeter security, where everything that runs inside the firewall or sandbox is implicitly trusted, are well over. In many IoT applications and device software, more robust security is needed inside the software itself.

Irdeto’s Cloakware is a defense in depth solution that consists of a set of anti-hacking technologies, which adds security to software platforms, apps and smart devices. It also prevents hackers from reverse engineering the device or application by using anti-debug, code transformations, whitebox cryptography and other technologies. The secure code is generated with a changeable seed that can be renewed easily, creating new versions of the software to thwart differential analysis and collusion, and increasing the hacker’s efforts over the long-term. This makes the original code and data excessively costly to tamper with, and therefore reduces the scale of their profits.

Find out more about how Cloakware solutions can protect your IoT mobile apps, Linux/Android/iOS/OSX or Windows based systems and other software platforms.


Want to talk about better cybersecurity for your smart device application or BAS platform?

Mark Hearn

Head of IoT Security

Want to talk about better cybersecurity for your IoT device application or critical infrastructure platforms?