We all like the idea running a more efficient household and saving money in the process. This is exactly what connected homes – or smart homes – promise. Oh…and convenience. Embracing IoT enables manufacturers to create products and services that add more value to their customers’ lives.

But it can come at a cost. Over the past year we have seen an increasing number of cyberattacks using consumer smart devices to access home networks and the homes themselves.

Here are some of the cybersecurity risks of home automation:

  • Access to the home network: Smart devices can be used to gain access to the consumer’s network behind the firewall, giving cybercriminals access to personal data and files.
  • Device malfunctioning: Smart devices, or the apps that control them, can be hacked to cause damage, or to disable functionality such as a home security system – literally leaving the door open to criminals.
  • Privacy and safety: Many smart devices and related apps host sensitive information about where we are and what we do, and this information can be valuable to criminals.
  • Botnet hosting: Leveraging the processing power of dormant IoT devices, hackers build up large botnet networks to sell CPU cycles to other cybercrime organizations.

Manufacturers need to build robust security into their home automation platforms, smart devices and apps from the start, download the survey below:

Cloakware: renewable security in depth that protects Connected Home platforms, apps and smart devices from the inside-out

The days of relying solely on perimeter security, where everything that runs inside the firewall or sandbox is implicitly trusted, are well and truly over. In many IoT applications more robust security is needed inside the software itself.

Irdeto’s Cloakware is a defense in depth solution that consists of a set of anti-hacking technologies that adds security to software platforms, apps and smart devices. It prevents hackers from reverse engineering the device or application by using anti-debug, code transformations, whitebox cryptography and other technologies. The secure code is generated with a changeable seed that can be renewed easily, creating new versions of the software to thwart differential analysis and collusion and increasing the hacker’s efforts over the long-term. This makes the original code and data excessively costly to tamper with, and therefore reduces the scale of their profits.

Find out how Cloakware solutions can protect your mobile apps, Linux/Windows operated systems or software platforms:


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