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Connected Commerce

There are few industries where customer experience and security are as difficult to marry as in the financial industry. Consumers and businesses want a seamless banking experience anywhere, anytime and on any device. This means that banks are creating multiple touchpoints, such as online banking sites and mobile apps, but are also needing to integrate with other payments and banking systems to provide this convenience to the customer.

These are all great developments, if it weren’t for the fact that the finance industry is one of the most targeted markets for cybercriminals.

Many recent high profile cyberattacks have shown that the threat landscape in the payments and banking industry is varied and constantly changing. Examples include: phishing, spoofing, compromised mobile apps and web browsers on the consumer’s end devices, man-in-the-middle attacks on data in transit, and exploiting vulnerabilities in the banking computer systems and APIs.

CSOs have a whole range of technologies to help them combat these risks; renewable software protection is an increasingly important one.

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