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Keys & Credentials for MedTech

Benefit from a robust suite of managed PKI services that has already issued 1+ billion PKI certificates and provisioned 150+ million SOC IDs.
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Contrary to common perception, in-house PKI solutions are costly and complex to deliver. Initial setup costs are just the starting point in deploying and managing the lifecycle of encryption keys and certificates at scale. When evaluating whether to use a trusted 3rd party for your OT PKI needs, also consider embedded use cases such as factory provisioning or symmetric keying, as well as ongoing costs of personnel, specialized training, third-party audits and IMS maintenance.

Irdeto Keys & Credentials is a managed security service for the complete lifecycle of trusted identities, secrets and secured firmware for connected embedded products. It simplifies the design and manufacturing of secure devices by easily integrating into silicon and at the production lines. Irdeto Keys & Credentials provides a flexible and customizable solution with a balance of cloud services, on-prem installations and dedicated physical keying centers with staffed personnel.


  • 350 million embedded devices protected; 1 billion PKI certificates issued
  • ISO:27001-certified facilities with Irdeto professionals for safeguarding critical customers assets
  • 50 years of experience in security solutions


  • Hosted, on-prem, distributed with centralized management
  • X.509 PKI, code signing certificates, symmetric keys, passwords
  • Wide support for HW root-of-trusts in devices (HSMs, TEEs, TPMs and Secure Elements)
  • Irdeto Cloakware SW-only root-of-trusts for apps and legacy devices


  • Wide support for key management standards (SCEP, EST, PKCS#11, KMIP)
  • Support for major Hardware Security Modules brands (Utimaco, nCipher, SafeNet, IBM)
  • Role-based authorization integrated with enterprise identity providers (ADFS, SAML-based)
  • You retain ownership over all security assets

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