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Remedy by Irdeto
SBOM and Vulnerability Management for MedTech

Easily build and enhance accurate SBOMs, and validate that they meet international standards in the same platform that enables the most comprehensive management of software vulnerabilities.
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Remedy by Irdeto is a fully validated, custom-built solution for MedTech to enable turnkey compliance with US and EU post market cybersecurity requirements.

Use a single platform for SBOM authoring, enhancement, validation and sharing that intelligently prioritizes and structures all ongoing vulnerability management activities and can quickly integrate with your existing tools or workflow.

Test drive Remedy today and take the first step toward effective and compliant security risk management, employing a proven solution for all your SBOM and Vulnerability management requirements, with no proprietary lock-ins or deceptive pricing.

Build highly accurate SBOMs rapidly and get the most accurate measure of security risk in your software supply chain. Enable comprehensive management and mitigation of security risks originating from software vulnerabilities.

Need help generating SBOMs or building SBOMs for legacy devices? We can help with that too – inquire today!

Irdeto Remedy for companies big and small

Remedy by Irdeto<br />
SBOM and Vulnerability Management for MedTech
Pricing based on number of individual Device Models and Common Resources
Pricing based on number of individual Device Models, Common Resources, SLA and Support Level
Enterprise Pricing for MDMs with more than 1,000 devices and common resources

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