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Renewable Security for Your Medical Devices

Enjoy long-term renewable cybersecurity for your new and legacy devices with purpose-built solutions to identify, monitor and remediate new threats.
Protect your medical devices now

Regulators are expecting MDMs to have provable security capabilities from both a technical and process standpoint.

We can expand your in-house cybersecurity capabilities, optimize your products’ security resources and provide independent third-party expertise, so that you can identify threats, assess vulnerabilities and mitigate risk throughout your product lifecycle.

Recurrent Security Testing

Regulators are now requiring evidence to show Penetration Testing has been done at regular intervals and that your Threat Model and Security Risk Assessments are routinely updated. Our highly qualified team of cybersecurity experts can both perform these and help strengthen your security practices.

MedTech Vulnerability Management

Your medical devices need a purpose-built vulnerability management platform, one that securely communicates vulnerability and security documentation to your stakeholders. Our solution does just that and quickly integrates with Dependency Track systems.

Legacy and Post-Market Device Renewal

Medical devices built today can only handle today’s threats, yet they are built to last decades. Enhance your ability to patch your existing and legacy devices using our portfolio of cryptographic solutions. Add new security features to make them more resilient for future threats, among other strategies, by utilizing our patented Whitebox solution.


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