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Increase Transparency and Accelerate Innovation for Your Medical Devices

Leverage our business enablement solutions to empower your clients and internal stakeholders, ensuring your IP and fielded devices are secure.
Protect your medical devices now

Dealing with security risks shouldn’t restrict your device’s full potential. Use our solutions to manage these challenges, enhancing the connectivity capabilities of your medical devices.

Medical Device License Management​​

Exploring new business models and use cases for your software? Our licensing solution enables subscription models, feature locking, time limits and geo-locking to prevent unauthorized use of your devices and decouples user privileges from local systems. It integrates easily into your existing software and requires no license dongle.

Medical Device Vulnerability Clearing House

Comply with regulations and empower your stakeholders with SBOM and privileged security risk information, delivered securely and seamlessly through our validated clearing house platform.​

AI/ML Enabled Medical Device Controls

AI-powered medical devices offer great promise, but they come with unique security risks. Use our proven suite of protections to safeguard the use of AI in the cloud and on-the-edge against tampering, cloning, IP and data theft, poisoning and misuse.


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