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Irdeto Tracemark™ for VIDITY to Ensure Premium Content is Securely Transferred and Ready for Viewing across Various Consumer Devices


CES, LAS VEGAS – 06 January 2016 – Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform security, today announced that it will be the first partner to fully implement the VIDITY™ security specification for secure premium content authoring. VIDITY is a technology system that allows consumers to download movies in the highest possible quality for the best home entertainment experience. With Irdeto Tracemark™ for VIDITY, Irdeto can securely author and prepare VIDITY premium digital content, such as Ultra HD, as well as allow legitimate playback on compliant devices and piracy monitoring capabilities. This will enable participating studios to protect their business against piracy without impacting the consumer experience.

“We support VIDITY’s vision for consumers to collect and enjoy their favorite movies without limitations,” said Richard Scott, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Irdeto. “In order to make that a reality, security must be a priority so that the entertainment industry can continue to thrive and make the movies that we all love. VIDITY’s robust and flexible content protection, now supported within Irdeto Tracemark, actually provides more freedom to innovate and better serve consumers.”

VIDITY was developed by the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA), a consortium of companies in the entertainment industry and digital storage space founded in January 2012 by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk, and Western Digital. VIDITY allows for flawless Ultra HD content playback across multiple devices with a single purchase, giving consumers control over their digital content library.

“Our aim is to provide consumers with the desired value, control and quality experience that they currently don’t have but need in an ever evolving digital environment. We want to excite them once again about their content experiences, but doing so hinges on protecting the integrity of current business models and providing flexibility to enable new ones,” said David Huerta, General Manager and Executive Director SCSA. “Irdeto is leading the industry in providing security solutions that help protect these revenue models for the ecosystem.”

“A proactive security strategy is vital to releasing the highest quality HD and Ultra HD content to the consumer,” said Danny Kaye, EVP, Global Research and Technology Strategy, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “Irdeto brings a reliability and deep experience in security that enables VIDITY to offer superior content experiences that push boundaries and imaginations.”

All Irdeto enhancements to VIDITY products will be conducted in a studio-trusted facility.

About the Secure Content Storage Association

The Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) is a consortium of companies in the entertainment and storage industries founded in January 2012 by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk, and Western Digital. Established as an LLC, the SCSA is focused on developing technologies to make it easy and secure for consumers to purchase, transfer and view content across multiple electronic devices.

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