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Logo: Cloakware for Payments & Banking Irdeto Cloaked.JS is an evolution of Irdeto's long standing code protection and whitebox security technology into the web browser. Cloaked.JS allows web application developers to protect their code, running in the web browser, from hackers and end users seeking to bypass the code.

Creating trusted code in the browser to protect web applications

Put simply, the technology works by creating a trusted block of Irdeto code that runs in the browser and is used to provide:

This code is then 'glued' into the application code, extending protection to all or part of the web application.

The technology is browser independent, does not require plugins and supports strong cryptography. These features allow the technology to protect web applications from:

Irdeto is developing Cloaked.JS in a number of profiles:

Do you have another use case for Cloaked.JS?

In addition, we are seeking developers who want to secure their web and native applications in other use cases or scenarios.

Also see How Does it Work? and Kerckhoffs' Principle.


Why is it my problem, as a web developer, to fix these issues?

It may not be your problem today but it could become your problem if:

Won't the browser vendors solve these problems for me?

Browser vendors spend a huge amount of effort on security, but they are not able to solve all the problems Cloaked.JS attacks; in particular:

Cloaked.JS allows us to establish a trusted bridge to the browser.

Does Cloaked.JS only work online?

Cloaked.JS works best online, as we can continually diversify and validate the code without the need to rely on the client being accurate or truthful. Using Irdeto’s native code protection, which has been deployed in billions of devices worldwide, Cloaked.JS will work in a semi-offline mode; for instance, an offline email client that synchronizes.

Will Cloaked.JS hinder the development of my website?

Irdeto understands the developer's need to be able to debug and rapidly change their web applications and we've built this technology with that in mind. We ship 'stub' libraries that emulate the API without the security for rapid client debugging and development. This puts you in control of publishing scripts to our servers, making them live with a simple

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