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Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive is a comprehensive solution that combines innovative, patented technologies and cybercrime services to address a variety of security challenges in a car. It provides automakers and tier-one suppliers with a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software that is virtually impossible to reverse engineer.

Securing connected vehicles takes multiple cybersecurity disciplines

Cars are continually incorporating more software and becoming more connected, opening up vulnerabilities to cybersecurity attacks. Gartner is predicting that by 2020 – that’s only 4 years away – that there will be ¼ billion of these connected cars on the road. At the same time, with the industry push towards autonomous driving, cars are increasingly dependent on software for driving decisions and critical safety. This fertile new ground of vulnerabilities with the potential for large criminal payoffs provides an irresistible combination for hackers. Irdeto is a leader in cybersecurity with a comprehensive solution that allows automakers to create secure vehicles. Irdeto solutions include strong anti-hacking protection with renewable security, making it virtually impossible to reverse engineer vehicle software. What’s more, the Irdeto secure environment ensures vehicle software is tamper-proof and that only trusted apps can run. Irdeto’s many years in the security field means that our technology is backed by hundreds of patents (which greatly reduce any risk of patent infringement) and that our expertise and products span multiple cybersecurity disciplines.

Helping automakers and tier one suppliers create secure vehicles

Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive is built with technologies and techniques that have been deployed for decades to successfully protect applications in hostile environments. Irdeto believes in enabling safe and secure products. By understanding how hackers attack and by employing mitigations against those methods, Irdeto provides a state-of-the-art security product that ensures software runs as intended. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive comprises of four modules:

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Secure environment

Prevent modders, hackers, and criminals from altering your cars, and create a secure environment for software updates and auto app stores. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive creates a hardened OS that runs only the software you specify, signs all binaries to prevent modification, encrypts certificates and resources, and protects the system with a hardware rooted chain of trust.

Strong anti-hacking protection and renewable security

Keep hackers at bay using the industry’s most secure anti-hacking techniques. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive prevents hackers from reverse engineering through sophisticated transformations that make original code and data impossible to analyze, generated with a changeable seed that can be scrambled on the fly to frustrate any hacking attempt.

Breadth of offering and patent portfolio

Avoid brand damage and software-based recalls with a cybersecurity solution that prevents security issues from call center to car. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive provides you with a broad security offering based on an extensive patent portfolio.

Irdeto: your partner for automotive

Irdeto is a pioneer in security, with its technology protecting over US$ 750M in payments and more than 2 billion devices against cyberattacks for some of the world’s best known brands. For nearly 50 years, Irdeto has worked with software application providers, connected device manufacturers, pay-media operators and content creators to secure their products and business. Combining patented technologies and services, Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive solution helps automakers and tier-one suppliers protect their brand and save cost in the battle against cybercriminals by creating a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software. Irdeto, a subsidiary of Naspers (JSE: NPN), is headquartered in the Netherlands with 19 locations worldwide.


Link Motion - Secure Connected Carputers
Link Motion is about simplifying. Through simplifying we find ways to change and make things better. We believe the future is the software defined car. We utilize a process we call software-driven hardware design to get the most out of hardware. We design our software and hardware together to be secure. We make the most secure connected carputer in the world.
From our headquarters in Finland, Europe our team of experienced software engineers has been designing and developing software for global automotive markets since 2007. To serve our global customers we have offices in three other major automotive markets, the USA, China and Japan. Read more at
Movimento brings cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology to the production lines of the automotive industry. By offering scalable vehicle software, ECU programming and reflashing, and the most advanced automotive cybersecurity protection on the market, Movimento is creating the era of the Software Defined Car.
Over the past 35 years, QNX software has become a big part of everyday life. People encounter QNX-controlled systems whenever they drive, shop, watch TV, use the Internet, or even turn on a light. Its ultra-reliable nature means QNX software is the preferred choice for life-critical systems such as air traffic control systems, surgical equipment, and nuclear power plants. And its cool multimedia features have QNX software turning up in everything from in-dash radios and infotainment systems to the latest casino gaming terminals.
Tata Elxsi addresses diverse industries like automotive, communication and consumer products, healthcare, semiconductors and industrial design. With more than 20 years of working experience with automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, tool vendors and semiconductor companies, Tata Elxsi is the preferred partner for system design in automotive product development. Irdeto works with Tata Elxsi by enabling Irdeto’s cyber security solutions for Tata Elxsi’s design engineering needs. Tata Elxsi is working on V2X, Connected Cars, and ADAS technologies, providing design engineering services to end customers.

Industry Alliances

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a Linux Foundation Workgroup dedicated to creating open source software solutions for automotive applications. Although the initial target for AGL is In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems, additional use cases such as instrument clusters and telematics systems will eventually be supported. AGL has participants from the Automotive, Communications, and Semiconductor Industries and welcomes contributions from individual developers.
GENIVI® is a nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software. The alliance develops an open standard for aligning automotive and consumer infotainment cycles. Their work results in shortened development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI software.

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