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Software Security Solutions

Find out how Irdeto’s software security solutions can help protect your revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime:

Cloakware® by Irdeto

Irdeto’s software protection, solutions and services have been securing digital assets for 20 years. Irdeto was the inventor of whitebox cryptography and its Cloakware solutions are differentiated by its rich history of innovation in software protection and built-in diversity and renewability features. Now, software protection is also available in a number of managed services, including a fully automated protection service that has been augmented by machine learning.

Secure Environment

Secure Environment uniquely assumes that traditional security measures such as firewalls or encryption have been compromised and focuses instead on protecting everything else. It safeguards critical files, protects application data, and prevents hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering. What’s more, it uses renewable security to frustrate hacking attempts by continually resetting hacker knowledge to ground zero. And, while a full cybersecurity audit is recommended, Secure Environment can be dropped into a system still under development.

Software Protection

Software protection is a suite of advanced cybersecurity technologies, libraries and tools that enable the users to customize the protection of their critical digital assets such as keys, code and data. The product is particularly useful for security savvy organizations that want the very best in renewable software security. Software protection’s security techniques provide application protection through sophisticated data, function and control flow transformations, anti-debug, whitebox cryptography, and active integrity verification.

App Protection

Mobile applications are now part of most organizations’ business models. With the increase in applications comes the increase of threats. App protection brings software protection to iOS and Android applications in a fully automated way. Protection can be applied by the application developers, without specialized expertise, in no time.


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