Studios & Sports Rights Holders

Studio content and live sports are driving forces behind any pay media model. As high quality content, such as 4K becomes increasingly available worldwide, the need to minimize all piracy threats becomes critical. A breach of an early-release box office movie can have considerable revenue impact across studios’ entire distribution chain. Illegal streaming of live sports immediately devalues the sports rights holders’ revenue and reputation with every passing minute.

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Innovation to build a secure future

Our DNA is security, and we have a rich heritage in the media industry. We are passionate about innovation that helps our customers prepare for the future. And to achieve this we actively participate in many industry initiatives and standards bodies that shape the future of media, including cross studio committees, the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA), Blu-ray Disc association, Sports Video Group and Digital Entertainment Group. We proactively track piracy and cybercrime trends and build up a broad range of expertise required to address evolving threats. We also invest heavily in R&D and partnerships across the globe.

A 360-degree approach to comprehensive security

We think holistically – it’s not enough to excel in one area of security. We differentiate by having a 360 view of security that is as deep as it is comprehensive. We leverage that view to solve business challenges and predict the challenges on the horizon.

For studios, Irdeto protects their 4K premium content across the full range of distribution channels, including theatrical, physical and digital production. Irdeto’s solutions and services meet even the most stringent security requirements, such as the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) specifications. Irdeto is also actively involved in VIDITY – the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) – to ensure premium digital content such as Ultra HD, can be securely transferred and viewed across various devices, including smart TVs, PCs and mobile devices.

For sports broadcasters and rights holders, we help them deliver innovative services to consumers on a wide range of screens, with the most flexible rights, multi-DRM and workflow management solutions. We also disrupt pirates’ services and business models by combining state-of-the-art technology, best practices and specialized knowledge.

A long-term partner to our customers

We build strong partnerships with our customers through collaboration and open communication. By aligning our vision and theirs, we can provide them with tools for success and build a secure future together.