The essential guide for NEVI funded EV projects

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The NEVI program is a federal initiative designed to establish a comprehensive, accessible and reliable EV charging network nationwide.

We have partnered up with Metergram and put together an e-book that will guide your NEVI funded EV charging projects toward success. It is packed with the practicalities of managing projects under the NEVI program, funding challenges, cybersecurity and software standards needed to build a future-ready EV charging network.

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  • Uncover the impact of the key protocols and standards (OCPP, OCPI and grid communication) on project planning, execution and success.
  • Provide expert guidance on how to navigate the practical, technical and operational challenges of NEVI funded projects.
  • Provide insights into the future of EV charging infrastructure, including emerging trends, policy developments and technological innovations
    …and much more!

    Get ready to reach the full potential of your EV charging initiatives!

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