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Irdeto Trusted Telemetry

Trusted Telemetry: Hardened, end-to-end threat monitoring, detection and analytics for IoT devices and controllers

As IoT devices proliferate throughout industry (IIoT), medicine (IoMT), homes and offices, DevSecOps departments are challenged to manage, monitor and constrain the devices. IoT edge devices and controllers have become popular hacking targets due to their availability, connectivity, ubiquity and current lack of integrated robust protection. Sophisticated exploits often manipulate the logs/telemetry from the compromised devices in order to mask the attack from operators, buying some time and making the attacks more effective.

Trusted Telemetry uncovers new vulnerabilities, real-time, by providing key and unique security events and creating secured forensic logs for offline analysis. It is the only solution that reliably delivers security events that get to the heart of a malicious attack in progress. Other solutions, like existing virus/malware scanners and network behavioral analysis, are reactive in nature, requiring training or recognizing a pre-determined signature.

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Robust source of critical security events: The Trusted Telemetry agent leverages software protection technologies to build a multilayered security shield. It is a true defense in depth approach, with multiple overlapping protections to ensure that even if the device’s security is breached on one front, there will be effective protections remaining to foil an attack.

Broad device reach: Trusted Telemetry provides a simple, tiny, portable agent for the broadest possible device coverage. Several pre-integrations for popular platforms are provided out-of-the-box. Proprietary events can easily be added, extending the protected telemetry further.

Easy, flexible deployment: A containerized server component provides the necessary flexibility to integrate easily with 3rd party SIEM/SOAR or other analytics solutions.  It ensures easy deployment, available either as a cloud services offering or an on-premise enterprise solution.

Part of Irdeto Security Services

Trusted Telemetry is part of the family of Irdeto Security Services. The new Security Services have been created to enable quick and effective security, particularly on edge devices where the risk of compromise is greatest. Starting with the world’s best code protection technology, software protection, Irdeto Security Services work flexibly with the business model of our customers to maintain safety and security at the edge.

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