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Why Denuvo Anti-Cheat is delivered in the kernel and what it means

Millions of Windows gamers are protected by kernel-mode anti-cheat, but not every Windows kernel-mode anti-cheat is built the same. In order to provide some clarity, we put together a Q&A to provide some facts and answers about what makes Denuvo Anti-Cheat different and why it’s delivered as a driver on Windows.

We understand the concerns around installing games that require kernel-mode access and that you want to know more about the reasons we chose to deliver Denuvo Anti-Cheat in the kernel.

So, to address this topic, we have put together a Q&A to provide some facts and answers.

In this Q&A we look at:

  • What a kernel-mode driver is
  • Why anti-cheat solutions use kernel-mode drivers
  • How Windows defends users from malicious kernel-mode drivers
  • If it affects a gamer’s privacy
  • If hackers can exploit a kernel-mode driver to attack a computer
  • If kernel-mode software pollutes a gamer’s computer

Download the Q&A to learn more