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Securing the industry in suspenseful times

With video gaming growing at an astonishing rate and the Metaverse looming on the horizon, securing the industry from piracy and cheaters while ensuring the best gaming experience is more important than ever.

Whatever the gaming platform, we’ve got you covered

Your game and revenue protected across the entire ecosystem – with zero impact on the gaming experience


PC Games

Denuvo Anti-Tamper and Anti-Cheat technologies protect PC games from piracy and detect cheating, so that you can decide how you respond to cheaters.

To further protect your PC games, we offer an additional Cyber Services feature.




Mobile Games

Denuvo Anti-Tamper and Anti-Cheat solutions protect your mobile games from tampering, cracking, cloning, cheating, debugging, reverse engineering and modding.

To further protect your mobile games, we offer additional features: Mobile Protection SDK, Telemetry and Cyber Services.


Console Games

Denuvo Anti-Cheat protects sensitive game logic and data, and detects cheating in games, so that you can decide how you respond to cheaters.

To further protect your console games, we offer an additional Cyber Services feature.



Denuvo solutions

  • Mobile Protection

  • Anti-Tamper

  • Anti-Cheat

  • Cyber Services

  • Irdeto License Management

  • Denuvo SecureDLC

  • Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection

  • Denuvo Unbotify


2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Award-winning solution protecting games from piracy, cheating and loss of revenue without changing the gameplay experience.


Protect your game from pirates and keep your game secure with no impact on players.


The only gaming security solution that offers anti-cheat detection on all gaming platforms.


Protect your business model, profitability and brand reputation.


Enabling a secure way to distribute games over new channels besides existing platforms. You can create your own PC platform (Windows, Linux and/or macOS), save up to 30% of the revenue typically paid to the platform providers and keep full control over the distribution.


Denuvo SecureDLC is the first of its kind in the gaming market and provides opportunities to extend the revenue tail for developers and publishers past the initial launch window.


Protect your Nintendo Switch game and your valuable income against PC emulation.


The next level of hardware cheat and fraud detection through behavioral biometrics analysis, leaving bots with no place to hide.

Why do customers trust Denuvo’s technology?


Best-of-breed technology with the longest crack-free release window compared to competitors: 160+ days!


Trusted by both major AAA and independent game publishers, including Tripwire and Traplight


Easiest and fastest to integrate into a game’s binaries with no modifications to source code necessary


No limitations or negative impact on the performance of a game or on gamers’ experience

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have answers!

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What is cheating in video games?

Cheating in a video game means gaining an advantage beyond normal gameplay. It makes the single-player games easier to play or gives the cheater a competitive edge in multiplayer ones.

How is cheating affecting honest gamers’ experience?

Cheating causes a great imbalance in how other players experience the game. Honest gamers become frustrated and can quickly give up the game.

If the game is protected, gamers can experience a lot of benefits. Namely, a thriving gameplay experience, an improved feedback loop where their suggestions are heard, the opportunity of joining a Public Beta Environment, and much more. Learn more about how gamers can benefit from a protected game.

How is cheating affecting the gaming industry?

If a game is seen as a cheater’s game, players abandon it and take their money with them. There’s also the spread of reputational damage. A game that is known for struggling with cheaters attracts fewer players.

What is the financial impact of cheating in games?

We’ve made a rough estimate: if the annual global online gaming market is about US$37 billion and when 78% of gamers are put off a game because of cheating, then nearly US$29 billion of revenue is at stake!

How can you protect your game from cheaters?

Many tools and processes are available to game developers to address cheating.
Denuvo by Irdeto, the global leader in video games protection, provides various solutions for all gaming platforms, including:

How does anti-cheat work?

It uses security features offered by mainstream hardware in combination with game-agnostic machine learning. Cheat detections are then reported on a web-based application for the publisher to see and act upon.

What is anti-cheat software?

Anti-cheat software detects cheating in PC multiplayer games and prevents players who use third-party tools from gaining an unfair advantage.

How do anti-cheat programs work?

Anti-cheat services monitor a player’s game and detect unauthorized use of third-party programs or modifications. Depending on the solution, anti-cheat will first prevent the user from playing the game, and then it will ban the user’s account for a certain time period.

What is Anti-cheat SDK and how does it work?

Anti-cheat SDK solution secures online gameplay mechanics that reward offline progress. It protects sensitive game logic and data, prevents cheaters from changing a sensitive variable, such as decrypting saved games or modifying network traffic, and also provides protection against the most common cheat tools.

Do anti-cheat systems impact game performance and gaming experience?

A good anti-cheat solution does not interfere with the regular operation of the game and does not cause errors or reduce stability to system performance.

Is cheat detection feature available for platforms other than PC?

Yes! Denuvo Anti-Cheat supports mobile and console games as well.

Are kernel-mode anti-cheat solutions safe?

Running the driver component in kernel-mode can raise concerns, but kernel-level access is needed to detect cheaters effectively. It’s worth mentioning that the most popular multiplayer games have adopted kernel-mode anti-cheat for effective protection.

Are kernel-mode anti-cheat solutions compromising my privacy?

It depends on the provider. A responsible provider will not build its solution in a way that violates gamers’ privacy, so no personally identifiable information leaves your machine.

Can I uninstall anti-cheat?

Absolutely! A good anti-cheat solution will always ask for your permission to be installed and can be uninstalled with one click.

How much does anti-cheat cost?

It costs less than you think to protect a game from cheaters, especially when comparing it to the cost of lost revenue due to players leaving your game or not making the in-game purchases.

What cheats are commonly used in video games?

Video game cheats take various forms. Some of the most common ones are aim and trigger bots, camera, wall and drop hacks, radar or map reveals, currency manipulation, and DDoS attacks.

Why should DLC be protected with a DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects Downloadable Content (DLC) to ensure that gamers receive malware-free content, improving their gaming experience. Protected content also helps player base retention.

Can indie developers afford anti-cheat solutions?

Yes, the cybersecurity industry caters to all game development sizes offering different pricing schemes. The pricing varies depending on the number of sales, or the number of titles to be protected. Indie game developers are encouraged just the same as more established publishers.

What does game protection do for video games?

It gives a range of benefits, including revenue generation and in-app purchase protection. It also protects your titles from being abandoned and improves your brand’s reputation; minimal cheaters mean active players are less likely to leave.

What are Meltdown and Spectre?

These are two kinds of side channel attacks that exploit critical vulnerabilities in processors. Meltdown exploits operating system memory and other programs, whereas Spectre, tricks untampered programs into exposing confidential information.

What is bandwidth, network delay, jitter and packet loss in online gaming?

Bandwidth is the measure of how much data is transferred over a given network or from one computer to another every second. Network delay specified the latency for data to be transferred from one point to another. Jitter is the variance in the speed of data transmission over a network. Packet loss refers to when one or more data packets, which are small units of data, are sent and fail to arrive at the destination.

Why does gamers’ ping not improve?

Ping relies on factors such as bandwidth, network delay, jitter, packet loss, game network topology, location and matchmaking. In order to improve it, developers must pay attention to improving their servers' geolocations with reference to the location of their players.

What is the Anti-Tamper solution?

Our Anti-Tamper solution prevents reverse engineering and changing of executable files in order to strengthen the security of games. Not a DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution in itself, Denuvo Anti-Tamper protects DRM solutions, such as Origin Online Access or the Steam license management system, from being circumvented.

How does Anti-Tamper work?

The DRM from the game platform (like Steam, Origin or Epic) grants legitimate consumers access to the game and our Anti-Tamper solution ensures that these DRM systems are not bypassed.

Does Denuvo Anti-Tamper have any negative impact on a game or customer experience?

No. Since only performance non-critical game functions are used in the Anti-Tamper process, Anti-Tamper has no perceptible effect on game performance nor is Anti-Tamper to blame for any game crashes of genuine executables.

What is the difference between DRM and Anti-Tamper?

A Digital Rights Management (DRM) system binds the game to a legitimate user account and allows the game to be played whenever and wherever the consumer wants to download and execute the game.

Anti-Tamper stops the reverse engineering and debugging of the DRM solution, but it has no effect or limitation on the legitimate consumer. Anti-Tamper is completely transparent to legitimate game buyers and does not in any way impose activation limits, install drivers, or require a gamer to be “always on.”

Does Denuvo Anti-Tamper constantly encrypt and decrypt data on storage media?

No, Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not continuously encrypt and decrypt any data on storage media. To do so would be of no benefit in terms of security or performance. Watch this video to learn more.

Does Denuvo Anti-Tamper affect my SSD or any other type of hard drives in any way?

No. Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not constantly read or write any data on your storage media.

Does Denuvo Anti-Tamper leave any files on my computer after I uninstall a game?

Depending on the game, one Denuvo-related file may be left on your computer after you uninstall the game. However, this file is inert and you can either manually delete it or leave it on your system without it affecting your PC in any way.

Which operating systems are supported by Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

The Denuvo Anti-Tamper solution supports the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Additionally, it also supports Linux via the Proton emulation layer.

How can game developers stop their game from being pirated?

By incorporating anti-tamper solutions to their game, developers can protect their licensed games from being distributed illegally or cloned. This way, the games are not shared freely or for pirates’ profits.

Is it difficult to apply anti-tamper solutions to video games?

This depends on your provider. If the solution is a ready-to-use extra layer, you can integrate it quickly. But if you need to apply it on top of gaming code, it can take weeks to implement.

What is GPS spoofing in video games?

It is faking one’s location through modifying your IP address to appear as if you are somewhere else. Since GPS signals are not encrypted, an external app can override it. Cheaters exploit this by either sabotaging the game or unfairly winning location-based rewards.

What solution can detect GPS spoofing?

GPS spoofing can be detected by applying, for example, root detection and mock provider detection tampering. Mobile Protection DSK offers both those features.

Can Denuvo secure Nintendo Switch games?

Yes, Denuvo developed the industry’s first Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection which puts an end to the piracy of Nintendo Switch games. The solution helps prevent the emulation of your licensed Nintendo Switch games, securing your revenue.

How does Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection work?

It seamlessly integrates into your build toolchain and detects any differences in behavior in the game than it was designed for. This way, the software can tell if the game is being tampered with and makes it unplayable for the associated party.

How does Denuvo help enterprises?

The Business Software Alliance estimates that 40% of all Enterprise software is used illegally each year. Imagine what 40% more revenue would do for your bottom line.

Denuvo’s solutions will help you close that 40% gap between your real and potential income. We protect software and intellectual property (IP) of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or any other enterprise application from unlicensed use and distribution across platforms including Desktop and Mobile.

How does Denuvo help to protect IoT devices?

Digitally connected devices are gaining an increasing foothold in our offices, cars, homes and even at our healthcare providers. By 2025, the number of such devices are estimated to exceed 27 billion. However, with great digital innovation comes an even greater cybersecurity threat.

At Denuvo, we aim to eliminate these vulnerabilities primarily stemming from the lack of binary protection. With our Anti-Piracy technology platform, connected devices are safe from runtime attacks, tampering, reverse engineering or unauthorized access to critical controls and data.

Can you prevent players blocking in-game ads?

Yes, by following some key suggestions you can also help mitigate the issue. For example, creating shorter and high-quality ad content that is relevant to your player base. Other solutions include keeping the number of visible ads sparse or offering a purchase option.

How will your business be impacted if players block your in-game ads?

The more in-game ads that players interact with, the more revenue you can potentially generate. If players are blocking your ads, it may impact your overall profits derived from your game.



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