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You’re learning every day. Every day! From the moment you come into the world, every day is a new learning experience. At Irdeto, we care about education and providing top quality learning experiences for our employees. We’re sharing snippets of what we’re getting up to internally in our pledge to deliver quality education to our employees.


The Irdeto Learn-a-thon

We recently hosted an internal Learn-a-thon at Irdeto, where employees could sign up to either teach a lesson or join a lesson to learn more about topics that poked at their curiosity. Sessions included everything from ‘Making the Perfect Crepe’, ‘Finding Movement in our Sedentary Lifestyles’ or ‘Creative Writing 101 – Crash Course’. We even had ‘Badminton Basics’ and ‘What does Friendly Partner mean?’. There was truly something for everyone whether it be personal, technical or professional.

Here are some key highlights from the event:

  • 775 total sign-ups (307 unique participants)
    • 15 different countries
  • 30 teachers who taught 35 different classes
  • Average Participants Evaluation: ‘On a scale from 0-10, how likely would you recommend the Learn-a-thon to a colleague’ = 9.4 (Very/Extremely likely)


Making french crepes with Steeve Huin, CMO

A light and causal session with Steeve on making the perfect crepe, French style! In this session Steeve also shared his insights into what the French use as traditional toppings, techniques and spending time in the kitchen. This was only one of three sessions that Steeve lead on the day.

‘In the Making French Crepes Learnathon we had a lot of fun, cooking crepes from many places around the world successfully. I think the biggest surprise for everybody is that crepes are not always sweet and that it’s a base for creativity ☺️’

Ergonomic tips and yoga tricks to combat stiffness and fatigue with Kelsey Mather, Learning and Development Specialist

Our bodies are made to move, yet many of us sit behind a screen for countless hours per day. During the session we discussed the affects long hours of sitting and screen time has on our bodies/health and how simple ergonomics and basic yoga movements can help keep your body happy, which is especially important in recent times.

‘Our bodies are made to move, but due to the pandemic, our lives have slowed down and we’ve been confined for our own, and other’s safety. During the learn-a-thon, I was able to connect with colleagues globally to deliver a workshop which would equip people with the tools they need to keep their body moving and to counteract the negative impact of being sat at a desk all day. Moving forward, by incorporating these simple ergonomics and basic yoga movements, my colleagues are able to take care of themselves and look after their bodies. A little self care goes a long way!’

At-home HIIT bootcamp with Lisa Spencer, Head of Marketing

This is one of Lisa’s favorite go-to workouts when she’s short on time and equipment.  In 25 minutes we used our body weight to jack up our heart rates and burn out our muscles so that we felt that metabolic hit long after we’d stopped.  Lisa lead us through a series of exercises – with speed being the key – leaving us sweaty and shaking. Lisa made this session super inclusive by having different variations of exercises for everyone from beginner to advanced levels. What was most unique about the session is that Lisa used a deck of cards to determine the workout.

‘My first time teaching a virtual bootcamp ended up being a really great experience!  I was unsure at first how motivation and energy would translate through a computer screen; when exercising, it’s always great to feel ‘in the trenches’ with other workout buddies.  I think we were able to all come together virtually, push ourselves to the maximum and feel connected through sweat and tears and (hopefully!) a bit of fun too?’

How to become an internet celebrity/KOL(Key Opinion Leader) by Joyce Wang, Sales Director for APAC

With the rise of KOL economy recent years, and boosted by the pandemic and growing of live streaming Apps/platforms, soft-selling Vlogger Ads , Instagram Stories are more effective and can attract fans to spend more time watching videos than traditional online advertisements. Joyce explained that by using this soft selling technique, the product or brand can be widely spread among KOL’s fans to improve brand exposure and popularity. This session demonstrated from a Sales view with practical experiences. This was one of two sessions that Joyce ran on the day.

‘It was very interesting to share KOL growth alongside my other session ‘Homebar Experiences’ online with colleagues. Being in Sales, it is interesting to learn about ‘influencer marketing’ practically. My session showed the whole KOL operation workflow from being as a unique product selling online to more. Especially during COVID-19 lockdown, we can have fun from these experiences interacting with colleagues.’

Our commitment to ensuring that our employees continue to grow and develop personally and professionally goes beyond mundane trainings sat around tables gazing at screens for hours on end. Our promise manifests itself within our Hackathon, Learnathon and partnerships with dedicated foundations to enable our employees to work on themselves whilst in the workplace.


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