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Commercial Fleets

Revolutionize the way you manage your fleet

Increased profitability and security with better fleet solutions

Our digital key solution allows fine-grained control over who, when and how drivers can access and drive vehicles in your fleet. Leveraging proximity wireless technologies, Keystone by Irdeto can detect an authorized driver approaching and start preconditioning with vehicle even before the driver reaches it.

Digital key solution for fleet management

Increase operational efficiency and create new business models; managing your fleet and drivers the way you always wanted. Automate vehicle access, enforce safety & maintain checks, limit functionality and so much more.

System security for fleet management

Build a more resilient digital infrastructure for your fleet. Secure mobile applications and endpoints for a better and secure future of fleet management.

Irdeto, through its Keystone solution and cybersecurity software, will help you:

  • Eliminate physical keys
  • Eliminate Keybox
  • Protect your diagnostic tools from piracy
  • Protect your ECU against tampering
  • Streamline dispatch
  • Enable ELD compliance


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