Trailer Validation

Attach the right trailer, container or cargo from the yard, every time!

Mis-pulls consistently occur and could potentially cost your fleet over $15,000 every time.

Existing tracking solutions don’t verify if the right asset is taken. But ours does!



Avoid costly mis-pulls

Be alerted in real time through our app if the wrong asset is being accessed by using a simple scanning tool.


No hardware required

Easy to use and fully functional via our Keystone app – just scan and confirm!


Connect to your current ecosystem

Integrate it easily with any fleet management system that you currently use via API.


Ensure safety and compliance

Make sure your fleet always complies with safety and compliance regulations.


Handy dispatch notifications

An email, SMS or push notification is sent if the driver is trying to leave with the wrong asset.

A cutting-edge addition to our Keystone solution that saves you money, time – and helps avoid any compliance issues.

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