Cyber Services for Video Gaming

Cybercrime has become one of the largest threats to the video gaming industry. It negatively affects business models, brand reputation, productivity and profitability.

We believe a comprehensive and continuously evolving approach is necessary to secure video games and their publishers. In fact, we are your partner for any cybersecurity needs and issues. Our Cyber Services help game publishers and developers to secure PC, console and mobile games and mitigate the piracy threats that jeopardize valuable revenue. These services complement our game protection offerings, to ensure end-to-end protection of content.


Threat Risk Assessment and Intelligence


Our highly trained security consultants perform security assessments in our forensic laboratory including software application and infrastructure vulnerability scanning, wireless security testing, system configuration reviews and remote access vulnerability testing. Combining expert analyst interaction with automated tools ensures we detect and gather data on a wide range of threats from the open, deep and dark web.

Brand Protection


Criminals take advantage of unsuspecting consumers to sell pirated or counterfeit pieces of software on a global scale. To minimize business risk, it is essential to rapidly block the online sale and distribution of pirated and counterfeit products. We search for illegal use of your brand in the context of promoting illegal software or devices, so that the online sale and distribution of illegal products and services can be quickly disrupted.

Investigations and Enforcement


Our investigations and enforcement teams recognize the importance of identifying, preventing and defending against cybercrime and understand how best to support our clients and take appropriate action against these threat actors proactively or reactively to a cybersecurity issue having occurred. We leverage our security consulting and law enforcement expertise for individual casework preparation.

Cybersecurity Expertise


Our Cybersecurity includes services to assess and manage your cybersecurity posture such as security management, penetration testing, attack surface management, cyber resilience programs, hardware hacking, code reviews and reverse engineering of software (yours or cheats/hacks).


Our end-to-end cyber services for video gaming look as follows:


Understanding the video game threat landscape

To have a clear understanding of this landscape, we need to know: what assets need to be protected? What are the actual threats? Who are the main threat actors? What are the primary areas of focus?

We see it as follows:


The assets that need protection include game logic and content, in-game economies, intellectual property and game delivery infrastructure.


The primary threats to video games are cracking, hardware/software hacking, cheating, payment fraud and account takeovers.

Threat actors

Cracking community/release groups, cheat developers, malicious hackers and cybercriminals.


We strive to focus on content and data protection and integrity.

An overview of the primary video game threat vectors is displayed below:


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