Crack kills – The first 14 days of a title release are critical. Within these first 14 days, publishers make up to 59% of their revenue from their new title, ensuring that their business thrives and more games can be made in the future.


Great games deserve 360-degree protection! 1 out of 3 gamers is playing pirated titles on average, resulting in significant effects on the publisher’s return on investment. Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Tamper technology is smart protection to combat devious hackers and secure the critical initial sales window.

The release of a new title is the most important part of a publisher’s year. In 2018 alone, Denuvo protected more than USD300 million of revenue from titles before they could be cracked by pirates, drastically increasing publisher’s revenue.

Title vs title sequel

In May 2016, a publisher released a title under the protection of our Anti-Tamper technology. They then released a sequel title in the following year without our Anti-Tamper technology.

Although the sequel title received more positive reviews, it had 40% less sales during the first week and 30% less sales over the first 15 weeks compared to the first title as a result of the day zero crack and its availability on peer-to-peer sites.


Working on top of any digital distribution platform to prevent crackers from debugging, reverse engineering and changing the application without any limitation on the legitimate user, Anti-Tamper is an essential tool in your security arsenal.


Average crack free days for titles with Denuvo Anti-Tamper software


Amount of revenue protected in 2 months


Amount of revenue protected in 2 weeks

Protect your DLC


Protecting your downloadable content (DLC) is equally as important to secure a significant revenue stream.

Pirates are typically using reverse engineering, run-time debugging and DRM by-pass techniques to reveal details such as a title’s design and architecture, making it easy to crack.

Protecting your DLC with Anti-Tamper technology helps to ensure the title profits, meaning that game companies can continue to produce content and gamers’ experience is maximized.

Our technology keeps developers happy by:

  • Driving revenue
  • Having no impact on in-game performance
  • Being easy to deploy
  • Supporting multi distribution platforms

Denuvo is the global #1 Application Protection and Anti-Piracy Technology Platform with 350+ million software licenses issued and revalidated.