TraceMark™ for Gaming

Platform-agnostic game watermarking that helps identify
the source of leaks of your premium titles and video assets

Tighten your gaming pre-release security: internal play tests, closed betas, review copies and press screeners

Enjoy peace of mind throughout the content lifecycle, from development to distribution.


Invisible game watermarks unique to each build or user with no impact on the quality.


Simple integration interface with API functionality for game watermark generation and detection.


Flexible watermark generation to match your specific requirements.


Quick and easy deployment to your consumer base and to a wide range of devices and platforms.


Trace the game watermark back to a unique ID, so that you can patch the leak and take steps against pirates.

Our core watermarking technology is trusted by Hollywood studios, sports leagues and pay-TV operators.

Supported platforms

  • ios


  • xbox


  • switch


  • windows


Secure your unreleased premium gaming content now!


Denuvo TraceMark for Games


Can game leaks affect the future of your game?

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