Diversity & Inclusion at Irdeto

At Irdeto, we encourage all of our employees to be themselves while building a positive environment where everyone feels included. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is part of our identity, and our global mindset helps us to continue growing daily.

Our people are our biggest asset and Diversity and Inclusion is not something we overlook. It is part of our business DNA, and guides us to make informed and ethical decisions to ensure we always do the right thing. We are committed to building smart, healthy, diverse, and inclusive work environments for our people and providing equal opportunities and fair treatment in employment.

At Irdeto, we took an honest look at which diversity of aspects we felt would create diversity of thought for our business in the short term and focused on those. We wanted to create an inclusive environment in which all types of experiences and backgrounds together would approach things differently, create challenging conversations which ultimately lead to innovation.

Our main pillars



Different nationalities and cultures explore ways of approaching things from a unique way to help our customers the world over.



Different genders bring diverse ways of problem-solving and leadership styles to the teams, which ensures innovative and inclusive ways of approaching and tackling projects.

Irdeto has a ‘people-first’ approach and offers our employees a range of programs and resources to ensure their wellbeing, such as mental resilience and employee assistance programs. We also aim to use our technologies for good initiatives. To help counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Irdeto is donating its services and expertise to protect software or applications that are contributing to the global fight. Additionally, we use our cybersecurity heritage to keep the “life” in wildlife through a partnership with AWF. Learn more about Irdeto’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

Our people


1,000 global Irdetees


20+ countries around the world


65+ nationalities represented

Building an Inclusive world

At Irdeto, we have ambitious goals to build an inclusive organization and contribute to a more inclusive world

Diverse backgrounds
Irdeto is really proud of our people’s diverse backgrounds and currently we have more than 65 nationalities at our company. Indeed, it’s a unique differentiator that we really and truly do live and operate globally, which is greatly appreciated by our customers. We have noticed however that our senior leadership tends to homogenize into a profile that is not representative of our entire company, and we’re addressing that by creating diverse succession plans, and actively nurturing those candidates to become impactful and exceptional leaders.
Gender representation
The main area of work for Irdeto is in gender representation – specifically female - throughout our employee segments. We are below industry benchmark and have goals to increase the number of female employees by 3.3% by the end of March 2023.

At Irdeto we measure the inclusivity sentiment across our company to understand our colleagues’ sense of belonging. We have created a Belonging Index to see how we are performing on the following elements – diversity, fairness, flexibility, inclusion, respect and safety. As of April 2022 we have an overall score of 82/100 which we aim to increase an maintain at ≥ 85 by the 31 March 2023.


Our initiatives

Towards a zero-discrimination future

At Irdeto, we act with an inclusive mindset, so that our people can embrace diversity and the uniqueness of our best selves. This is regardless of our gender, race, physical appearance and ability, language, religion, sexual preference, role, mindset, life experience and nationality. The most innovative and disruptive ideas arise when a group of diverse minds collaborate, share perspectives, listen empathetically, and challenge one another dynamically. By fostering workforce diversity initiatives, we aim to reduce the cybersecurity talent gap and act with an inclusive mindset, so that our people can embrace the uniqueness of our best selves.


Unconscious bias workshops

Through these workshops we can actively cultivate a more inclusive culture by educating our people about unconscious biases, providing tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately address discriminatory behaviors. Unconscious Bias training is not the only answer to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace at Irdeto, but rather a tool to add to our toolbox or a piece of the puzzle.


Cultural awareness workshops

Professional (and personal) success in our global world requires skills to navigate through cultural differences. At Irdeto, we equip our people with the tools needed to communicate and build trust cross-culturally.

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