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May 08 - 09 2019

IoT613 | IoT Cybersecurity Workshop/Presentation

Venue: Canadian Museum of History, 100 Laurier Street, Gatineau, QC, K1A 0M8 Canada

Keynote Speaker: Mark Hearn, Director of IoT Security
Presentation Date & Location: May 9, 2019, Theatre Hall, Booth 21, Main Entrance Level
Presentation Time: 3:20 PM – 3:35 PM

Presentation Title: “Simplifying Security for Your Digital Transformation”

Summary: Let’s face it, there are a ton of approaches out there to address digital transformation across various industries, including manufacturing and automotive. There’s only one certainty when it comes to creating a safe and reliable digital transformation – security.

In today’s age of connectivity, you know you need security. With all the different digital transformation models to choose from and security requirements being handed down, expansion of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies can be tough to navigate. How do you protect your own intellectual property (IP)? How do you ensure that your product isn’t your customer’s weakest link? Simply put, what role does security play in your product strategy?

This session will outline security strategies and technologies to be implemented to address digital transformation security risks. Tackling cybersecurity challenges head-on and implementing defense-in-depth from the beginning ensures safety comes first and your sensitive information, IP and data remain secure.


Workshop Leaders: Colin DeWinter, Reverse Engineer &
Jonathan Beverley, Principal Reverse Engineer
Workshop Date & Location: May 8, 2019, Douglas Cardinal Salon, Lower Level
Workshop Time: 8:45 AM – 5:00 PM

Workshop Title:
IoT Development Workshop – Capture the Flag 101

Summary: IoT is a dynamic field that demands constant technical vigilance and literacy. In this full-day workshop, you will learn the basics of reverse engineering and techniques to attack IoT devices through Capture the Flag challenges. This workshop is delivered by experts from Irdeto and is intended for intermediate to advanced level developers.

This workshop is geared toward the people who design or develop IoT products that need operate securely, and as the Mirai botnet showed, that’s all IoT products. There is definite value for anyone who want to be more aware of how these systems fail, and for those who want to have little fun breaking things.

In this highly interactive session, we will be exploring some of the most common vulnerabilities that IoT devices, web and mobile apps have. This is a very active space, and while some of these vulnerabilities have good solutions, others are still waiting for someone to invent one. We’ll also be introducing people to the wide world of Infosec CTFs, where thousands of amateur hackers compete and collaborate to to build and solve challenges for each other.


The event is finished.