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Sales and marketing manager solutions

Power your business and revenue opportunities to meet changing user demands

The leading equipment rental companies are rapidly evolving to meet the ever changing demands of their customers. From rentals via online or apps, to contactless procedures, to equipment pools and marketplaces, sales and marketing managers are moving to a rent from anywhere business model.

The first generation of rental software helped automate back-end processes, record keeping, billing and the likes, today’s modern solutions are connecting those same features but to their digital connected equipment to empower new ways of doing business including renting by the hour (but enforced), rental by features, rental by power, shared rentals and so much more. Discover a better way to increase utilization rates, improve customer transparency and trust and much more.

“Rental customers want to pay when they use equipment, but how do I know when they’re using it?”

Keystone SMART rental for sales & marketing managers

We understand your challenges and built Keystone for the way you work. It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourselves, now it’s time to take your customer-first approach to an even higher level. With Irdeto you can finally launch and deliver all the services and rental models you always dreamed of. Discover why sales and marketing managers rely on Keystone to get the job done!

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Unlock new business models

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Always stay in control, even remotely

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Gain new insights for better cost recoveries

Key rental app software features

Stop wasting your time and start streamlining your rental operations to help serve your customers expectations. Start offering your customers new rental options to create new revenue streams and happier customers.

  • Control access to your rental fleet 24/7
  • Revoke access if your customer do not pay bills or abuse your equipment
  • Deliver vehicles overnight safely to reduce delivery costs
  • Understand HOW your customers use your rental assets
  • Know where your fleet is at all times
  • Get notifications of severe impacts
  • Offer business models your customers want – pay per hour, pay per pallet, etc.
  • Enable click and collect via an app
  • Start leveraging contactless rentals and unmanned depots
  • Increase rental utilization with rental pools
  • And more…

Keystone for construction

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Keystone for click & collect rental app

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One last thing…

We also know it takes a team to be the best, that is why Keystone helps you work more easily with your Operations Manager, Fleet Manager and Health & Safety Officer.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk about how Keystone can help you!

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