Keystone for Automotive

Flexible policy-based digital keys for today, profitable shared mobility for tomorrow

What is Keystone – Irdeto’s Digital Key solution?

Keystone by Irdeto is a secure, policy-based vehicle digital key solution that leverages Bluetooth™ Low Energy technology to enable proximity-based vehicle access using a smartphone. Additionally, by supporting the emergence of shared mobility use cases, the Keystone solution serves as a significant market differentiator.

Keystone won best industry solution awards in construction and automotive from Cybersecurity excellence award.

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How can the Irdeto Keystone Digital Key Solution benefit you?


Supports emerging shared mobility business models, right out of the box.

Reduces hardware cost by leveraging a secure software solution that can directly run on most automotive MCUs.


Owners can control when, how and by whom the vehicle is used, via policy-based vehicle access and customization, for multiple users.

Adapts to real-life situations, such as loss of smartphone and vehicle connectivity.


Provides a proven secure digital key solution that mitigates well-known security threats affecting today’s digital key systems, such as: man-in-the-middle, replay, amplified relay and smartphone or access credential theft.

How does Keystone work?

Everything you need to implement policy-based, flexible, secure digital keys.

1. Cloud-based backend

Provides a set of APIs for key life cycle management, policy administration and a notification engine. These can easily be integrated with existing connected vehicle solutions.

2. In-vehicle module

Receives and validates commands from the mobile device and acts in accordance with the user’s digital key and policy. Integrates easily with major MCU platforms and providers.

3. Mobile device

Uses Bluetooth BLE to issue commands (such as open door, authorize engine start) and set vehicle preferences. A mobile SDK handles all management, security and communication, allowing app developers to focus on the user experience.


Keystone usage


Keystone for Commercial Fleets


Increase operational efficiency and create new business models; managing your fleet and drivers the way you always wanted. Automate vehicle access, enforce safety & maintain checks, limit functionality and so much more.

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