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[Podcast] The cybersecurity battle on cheaters, pirates and bots

[Podcast #1] Cybersecurity meets MedTech: Unveiling our new podcast ‘Cybersecurity Talks’

In this episode of ‘Cybersecurity Talks’ we peel back the layers of tech to reveal the core of digital safety. As games become more intertwined with our daily lives, their security becomes more critical than ever. Expand your understanding on how we keep games fun, fair and free from foul play.

This time, Mark is joined by Christian Koidl, Product Manager of Mobile Solutions and Bot Detection. Together, they discuss the challenges faced in the mobile games industry and some of the triumphs in the quest to keep our games secure, fair and fun.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you:

  • What the magic behind Denuvo is.

  • The current state of game packaging and distribution.

  • Insights into the main drivers behind both cheating and piracy in mobile gaming.

  • An in-depth discussion on the rise of advanced bots in gaming and how to combat them.

Tune in to the episode now!


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