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Anomaly Detection System (ADS)

The frequency of cyberattacks on the connected transport industry is on the rise. Digital connected technologies, however, reduce costs and help serve customers better – but are realized by complex, coexisting and interwoven systems. With every new connected service added, new opportunities are exposed to attackers for exploitation. That’s why it is important to extend protection beyond production to the operating life of vehicles as well.

Irdeto’s Anomaly Detection System (ADS) provides advanced protection to the automotive industry. It is a comprehensive security solution for the operating life of vehicles.

What is Anomaly Detection System (ADS) & how does it work?

ADS is an advanced solution, which monitors the control area network (CAN) bus and detects and notifies about anomalies in the communication patterns of electronic control units (ECUs).

Monitor the traffic on web-based dashboard

All traffic can be monitored on a web-based dashboard or relayed programmatically to other systems.

Notifies of emerging & ongoing OT network threats

ADS notifies of emerging and ongoing cybersecurity threats to the vehicle; notifications are based on monitoring traffic on vehicle’s internal networks.

Continuous protection of the security systems itself

The monitoring is both deterministic, based on a whitelist in the vehicle, and behavioral, based on anomaly detection using machine learning algorithms in the cloud.

Why should you have it?

Digital technologies reduce costs and help serve customers better but are realized by complex, internetworked systems.

Enables timely defense against attacks and thus avoids costly recalls

Notifies you about emerging threats to enable timely defense. This reduces the changes of theft, accidents, driver (customer) discomfort and panic, while avoiding recalls and reputation damage.

Complies with statutory and regulatory requirements for data security in the vehicle

There is a strong push for solutions like Irdeto’s ADS from regulatory requirements and industry standardization like:

  • UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) Security of network and information systems
  • ISO/SAE 21434 : Road vehicles-Cybersecurity engineering
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Publications
    • Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles
    • Cybersecurity of Firmware Updates

Reduces the risk of damage that may occur if the threat exploits a vulnerability

Focused and thus more efficient further development of security concepts

Builds on the security foundation of your vehicle and provides way for further development of the security concepts.

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Awards & recognitions

Top 20 Automotive Technology Solution Providers 2020

Best Construction Industry Cybersecurity – Keystone by Irdeto

Best Automotive Cybersecurity – Keystone by Irdeto

Excellence Award of Connected Vehicle Security Solutions

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