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Peace of mind to transform your business by unlocking the potential of connected trains that move people & things

Irdeto and Selectron Systems set new standard for travel safety

Why Rail Cybersecurity is a need of the hour?

The railway sector is undergoing a major transformation. Digital connected technologies although reduce costs and help serve customer better – are realized by complex, coexisting and interwoven systems. With addition of every new connected device, new opportunities are exposed to attackers for exploitation. That’s where Irdeto helps you to realize a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

At Irdeto, we believe that connectivity shouldn’t be feared or increase the risk of a cyberattack. Cybersecurity should be an opportunity to differentiate, enable new business models and earn customer confidence. Let us show you how!


Irdeto provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for endpoint, network and operational security that establish multi-layered protection against cyberthreats.


Exceed regulatory requirements, be ready for evolving standards and reduce cyber risks. Irdeto helps you to adopt to the current standards (TS 50701 / IEC 62443-4-2 / EU NIS (2016/1148)) and be prepared for the future.


Managing crises and incidents is part of the daily business in the railway sector. Irdeto helps introduce cyber resilience to manage your cyber risks and incidents.

How can Irdeto help you to realize your Rail Cybersecurity strategy?

Irdeto provides cybersecurity solutions throughout the product lifecycle from threat and risk assessment to intrusion detection during operations.

PLC Protection


Send your updates securely with SyncShield; remotely monitor, diagnose, and control on/off- board assets. Works with all standard communication protocols and IoT platforms.

Secure Environment

Secure PLCs and other endpoints with Secure Environment, a host-based intrusion detection and prevention system that protects them against malicious software.

PKI & Identity Management

Keys & Credentials

Secure physical keying facilities for critical operations and a highly available online platform for the issuance of Code Signing Certificates, direct creation of software signatures for software, apps, and firmware, and more.


Evolution beyond Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that brings together a quantum ready HSM, a general-purpose compute platform, pre-integrated security applications, and world class remote operations and management capabilities, all converged in a single tamper proof enclosure.

Network Protection

Anomaly Detection System (ADS)

Anomaly Detection System (ADS) monitors OT systems without changes to existing devices and notifies of emerging and ongoing threats.

Cybersecurity Services

(Automated) Penetration Testing

Meet the growing need for cybersecurity testing throughout the lifecycle. Enhance verification and validation of security concepts and goals through test automation from Pre-Production until End-of-Life planning.

Threat Analysis

Be agile in your approach to cybersecurity, identify the relevant threats at the early stage of development, mitigate the risks and meet the required regulatory standards.

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