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Cyber Services

Protect your business model, profitability and brand reputation

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to the video games, health, transport and video entertainment industries. Cyber criminals circumvent security measures and exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure and software to generate profit from stolen content and data. Not only do they steal your income, but they also ruin your brand reputation.

Get empowered with tailored solutions!

Threat Risk Assessment & Intelligence

Profit from security assessments to learn where your vulnerabilities lie. Use our software application and infrastructure vulnerability scanning, wireless security testing, system configuration reviews and remote access vulnerability testing.

Brand Protection

Rapidly block online sale and distribution of your stolen products and services to protect your profits. Take advantage of our comprehensive process of identification, analyses, verification and removal of illegitimate advertisements and websites.

Advanced Protection Services

Minimize the risk of your products or services being stolen with our continuous monitoring at every point along the digital content value chain. Root out and resolve vulnerabilities and data leakage anywhere they occur.

Investigations and Enforcement

Our investigations and enforcement team will identify, prevent and defend your service or product against cybercrime. It will also help you in taking appropriate legal action against cyber criminals.

Stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals

Use our 360-degree suite of Cyber Services to identify, investigate, analyze, shutdown and prosecute cybercriminals.

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Benefit from our multi-disciplinary expertise

Employ the combined expertise of our legal and law enforcement specialists, cryptography experts, forensic analysts and security software engineers to successfully identify, investigate and get support in civil and criminal prosecutions.

Get all the pirated and counterfeit products infringing your intellectual property rights identified quickly. Have infringing advertisements swiftly removed, making the most of a unique and comprehensive level of service.

Get a single partner for each stage of the investigation and enforcement lifecycle: from performing device analysis, through open-source global intelligence research to conducting people investigations and providing expert witness testimony.

Get actionable reports combining data on a wide range of threats from the open, deep and dark web. Each threat to the customer’s business is assigned a threat severity rating and one or more recommended mitigation actions.

Benefit from our targeted security assessments on network/cloud infrastructure, web and mobile apps or hardware. Get both actionable recommendations to improve your security and monthly updates on your threat exposure level.

Enjoy continuous monitoring of threats, verified breach response using flexible, effective countermeasures, restoration of platform integrity and rapid disruption of pirates’ revenue streams.

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