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Denuvo Console Protection

Detecting cheating in console games to keep games fair and fun

Securing console games from hackers and cheaters

Since the wide-spread lockdowns, everyone’s been playing a lot of video games. Industry leaders like Steam are seeing unprecedented increases in the number of people turning on their consoles. There are more than two billion gamers worldwide, and unfortunately, there are those who will try to ruin a game through cheating.

In fact, Steam set a new 2021 milestone by crossing 25 million concurrent users for the first time. The concurrent user count has been edging ever higher since lockdowns became widespread in March and April, outdoing the record over and over for several weeks.

How Denuvo Anti-Cheat SDK protects game

Secure online gameplay
mechanics that reward
offline progress

Rewarding players with virtual goods for offline progress makes for an engaging gameplay experience, but it leaves your gameplay loop vulnerable to bots, exploits and hacks. Without adequate protection, cheaters and hackers emulate network protocols or exploit jailbroken consoles to fake offline progress, like the game score.

With Denuvo Anti-Cheat SDK, you can keep your virtual economy safe by ensuring offline progress reported by the game clients is secure.

Protect sensitive
game logic
or data

Denuvo Anti-Cheat SDK offers various tools like obfuscation, virtualization and pointer encryption, making it easy to hide sensitive information from data-mining and preventing game logic or data from being tampered with.


The Anti-Cheat SDK is cross-platform. Integrate once and ship on different console hardware seamlessly.

Irdeto Cyber Services: taking security one step further

Game piracy is more popular than ever. It’s easier than ever for games to be pirated, which means publishers need a proactive, flexible, and responsive Cyber Services team to protect their game, brand and revenue from evolving threats.

Our dedicated global Cyber Services team includes cyber security and computer forensic analysts with years of law enforcement and legal experience. Our team works hard to:

  • Provide actionable insights into threats
  • Protect your online brand and revenue
  • Enforce copyright IP rights against pirates
  • Identify and advise how to address security vulnerabilities
  • Offers a 24/7 incident response hotline support and the capability for forensic investigations

Supported platforms

Below is a just a small sample of some of the console platforms Denuvo supports:


“Denuvo’s tech team has been extremely professional and proactively made their lightweight and adjustable mobile real time protection work even on the lowest-end Android devices without a noticeable performance hit. Their team has been responsive and has taken action on figuring out solutions and have proactively profiled their solutions’ performance in our builds and in the build pipeline. Denuvo is highly recommended for any F2P multiplayer game developer wishing to avoid cheaters from ruining their game and business.”

Sami Kalliokoski, Co-Founder of Traplight Games

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