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Denuvo Mobile Protection

Securing mobile games and revenue from piracy and cheating to help keep games fair and fun for everyone

Don’t let pirates ruin the fun

Maintain the integrity of your game and your revenue with Denuvo Mobile Protection. Stop tampering, cloning, cheating, and modding and all without changing the gameplay experience.

✓ Easy to integrate
✓ No noticeable impact on gameplay

Keep your revenue stream secure

With so much at stake, your game deserves the best protection. With Integrity Verification at its core, your game and your revenue stream remain intact.


  • Piracy
  • Cheating
  • Reverse engineering
  • Modding of apps
  • In-game currency hacking apps and services
  • Copycat & cloning of games


  • Game balance
  • Revenue
  • Ratings and download numbers
  • Retention of free & paying users
  • Game lifecycle
  • Reputation

How Denuvo Mobile Protection helps

The mobile gaming market is expected to be a $272 billion industry by 2030 and pirates are primed to take advantage of it. Denuvo’s Mobile Protection makes it easy to keep the bad guys away.

Takes minutes, not days and since protection is added to the final app there’s no impact on source code.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

We put protection in important but non-critical places to avoid impact during gameplay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Multi-layered solutions ensure maximum effectiveness of our security plug-ins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Built on a plug-in system, so you can decide which security features you want to use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Protection where it’s needed

We don’t put protection where it’s easy; we put it where it makes sense for the game experience.

  1. Profile the game to find the best location with the least impact
  2. Determine optimal setup by combining profiling data with static analysis
  3. Review performance to make sure there’s no impact to the game play
  4. Automated alerts detect when profiling data is out of date and updates are needed

Extras for added security

Mobile Protection SDK

Looking to uplevel the security for your game? Our optional Mobile Protection SDK you can integrate security features even tighter into your app and raise security to a next level.


Telemetry data for real-time detection.

Get access to secure logs of tampering attempts on your game and respond the way that works for you.

Cyber Services

When required, our cyber services team goes after pirates and crackers to stop them from ruining the gaming experience and your brand’s integrity.

Integrate in minutes, not days

Solutions are easy and fast to implement, do not require game source code modification, require little to no effort by game publishers or developers, and integrate and deploy seamlessly. All with zero effect to a legitimate gamer’s experience.


Supported stores

Below is a just a small sample of some of the stores Denuvo supports:


“Denuvo’s tech team has been extremely professional and proactively made their lightweight and adjustable mobile real time protection work even on the lowest-end Android devices without a noticeable performance hit. Their team has been responsive and has taken action on figuring out solutions and have proactively profiled their solutions’ performance in our builds and in the build pipeline. Denuvo is highly recommended for any F2P multiplayer game developer wishing to avoid cheaters from ruining their game and business.”

Sami Kalliokoski, Co-Founder of Traplight Games

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