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Denuvo’s Mobile Games Protection

Securing mobile games and revenue
from piracy and cheating to help
keep games fair and fun for everyone

Size does not mean compromise – mobile game protection is affordable for all studios

Denuvo wins 7 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2021

Denuvo Mobile Protection:

Mobile game protection for all gaming studios – big and small

When did it get so bad?

Join the fight against cheating (and protect your revenue while doing it!)

Denuvo and Traplight case study:

Working together to secure fair play in mobile games

Mobile games are leading the gaming industry in revenue

More and more gamers are choosing to play games on their iOS and Android mobile devices. With 33% of mobile app downloads being mobile games, publishers and developers have started to develop more games for the mobile platform.

In 2021, it’s projected that mobile games will make up 60% of the total global gaming industry revenue.

Unfortunately, it’s not only game publishers and developers that have noticed this trend. Hackers have introduced many ways to cheat and tamper with mobile games.

mobile games

Denuvo Mobile Protection secures gaming apps from cloning, cheating, modding and tampering. Developed by gamers, Denuvo’s technology has minimal impact on user’s experience while still guaranteeing maximum protection.

How Denuvo Mobile Protection helps to protect your revenue

Denuvo Mobile Protection helps to protect games and revenue so that game publishers can reinvest in new and exciting games. It ensures multiplayer gameplay remains fun and fair for everyone.


  • Piracy
  • Cheating
  • Reverse engineering
  • Modding of apps
  • In-game currency hacking apps and services
  • Copycat & cloning of games


  • Game balance disruption
  • Lost monetization
  • Lowered ratings & downloads
  • Exodus of free & paying users
  • Shortened game lifecycle
  • Competition with copycat/clone games

 Identifying and protecting vulnerabilities

Before protection is implemented on a game, our expert team profiles the game to find important yet not performance-critical functions for protection.

Through our profiling:

  • We combine the profiling data collected with static analysis to find the optimal setup for a game’s protection
  • Game publishers and developers perform a final performance review on the protected mobile app to ensure there is no impact to the gaming experience

Denuvo Mobile Protection: additional features

Denuvo Mobile Protection has additional features to add even more protection with Mobile Protection SDK, Telemetry and Cyber Services.

Mobile Protection SDK

Mobile Protection SDK enhances the existing Anti-Cheat security in Denuvo Mobile Protection by providing game publishers and developers with tools to:

  • Prevent cheaters from changing sensitive variables, decrypting saved games or modifying game code
  • Protect your game against standard cheat tools
  • Provide secure file persistence


Telemetry offers real-time cheat detection. It is easily integrated with mobile game platforms and creates secured forensic logs for offline analysis.

Irdeto Cyber Services: taking security one step further

Game piracy is more popular than ever with the rapid expansion of the mobile gaming industry. It’s easier than ever for games to be pirated, which means publishers need a proactive, flexible and responsive Cyber Services team to protect their game, brand and revenue from evolving threats.

Our dedicated global Cyber Services team includes cyber security and computer forensic analysts with years of law enforcement and legal experience. Our team works hard to:

  • Provide actionable insights into threats
  • Protect your online brand and revenue
  • Enforce copyright IP rights against pirates
  • Identify and advise how to address security vulnerabilities
  • Offers a 24/7 incident response hotline support and the capability for forensic investigations

Integrate in minutes, not days: ease of implementation

Solutions are easy and fast to implement, do not require game source code modification, require little to no effort by game publishers or developers, and integrate and deploy seamlessly. All with zero- effect to a legitimate gamer’s experience.
Denuvo protection integration diagram

Supported stores

Below is a just a small sample of some of the stores Denuvo supports:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Amazon Appstore
Samsung Galaxy Store
Huawei AppGallery

Let’s talk about how we can help you!

Denuvo is the global #1 Games Protection and Anti-Piracy technology helping game publishers and developers to secure PC, console and mobile games.

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“Denuvo’s tech team has been extremely professional and proactively made their lightweight and adjustable mobile real time protection work even on the lowest-end Android devices without a noticeable performance hit. Their team has been responsive and has taken action on figuring out solutions and have proactively profiled their solutions’ performance in our builds and in the build pipeline. Denuvo is highly recommended for any F2P multiplayer game developer wishing to avoid cheaters from ruining their game and business.”

Sami Kalliokoski, Co-Founder of Traplight Games

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