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The news of the last few months has been quite turbulent, with a lot of uproar over game development, with some taking a hard look at the future of their games, while others make a push in a new direction towards success. 

  • Bungie CEO blames layoffs on waning interest in Destiny 2, delivering lower-than-expected preorders for its upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. 
  • Amazon Games eliminates over 180 roles to focus on Prime Gaming and its publishing efforts, shutting down the company’s Crown Channel on Twitch and the Game Growth project. 
  • Digital Bros, the parent company of 505 Games, has announced a round of layoffs, affecting around 30% of its global workforce. 
  • Unity CEO steps down after a massively unpopular move to change the fee structure for their cross-platform game engine. 

While the above news depicts a development shake up, the games below have achieved amazing success in providing fun and engaging value to gamers. 

  • Approximately 21.22 million copies of Baldur’s Gate 3 have been sold on Steam after a couple of months since the release, according to SteamSpy stats. 
  • Talos Principle 2 hits 100k copies sold, reaches highest CCU of any game published by Devolver in 2023. 
  • Stronghold: Definitive Edition has sold over 100k units in less than three days since its release on November 7. 
  • Alan Wake 2 breaks new storytelling ground to bring players one of the best-looking games to date. 

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