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Feb 04 - 05 2020

ManuSec Europe | Sponsorship/Presentation

Speaker: Steeve Huin, VP for BD, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships – Irdeto

Presentation Summary: As the ICS industry moves to more standardized platforms, making use of connectivity and the use of off-the-shelf software, critical software has never been more vulnerable to access by hackers or reverse engineers. Wanting to monetize their high-tech innovations, many industrial companies are productizing digital twins, predictive maintenance, digital diodes, behavioral analytics, AI/ML, Additive Manufacturing, and so much more. However, at the core of these product innovations is the patentable Intellectual Property developed in software, for which the attack surface has exponentially increased by IIoT connectivity. If compromised, this software is as readable as a book to any hacker able to run commonly available reverse engineering tools.

In this session, Steeve Huin, VP for BD, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Irdeto, will take you through a discussion of how hackers think about their targets, what they look for, and how your product security requirements can combat them. Starting with the maturing of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle, delving deeper on software protection, and highlighting where advances in software protection are headed, Mark will demonstrate how your software businesses would significantly benefit from the protection of the key algorithms and critical data advancing your IIoT ecosystems.


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