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Click and Collect Construction Equipment Rental App

A modern construction equipment rental app that enables new business models, enforces customer contracts and reduces equipment abuse

Your contactless rental solution

Stop wasting valuable time on manual, non-value-added activities and start automating your rental operations to help serve your customer’s increasing digital expectations. No more manual tracking of usage per rental period, instead increase your daily rate capture and usage rates effortlessly including evening and weekend use.

Click and collect
rental depots

Increase your daily rate capture, lower equipment abuse with monitored incentives and reduce vehicle transition time to improve utilization rates.

Jobsite rental

Provide a pool of equipment on or near large sites where any contractor can rent as pay per use with limited to no-onsite personal required.

Rental contract and
operations management

Efficient workflows, no paperwork, less manual checking and put equipment back up for rent while the vehicle is still on a customer site ready for pick-up.

Your smart construction rental depot

Irdeto’s SMART construction rental software can integrate or provide you with telematics, fleet management and a mobile app all connected to a keyless entry and operator access management platform.

It sounds complicated but we do ALL the HEAVY LIFTING for you.

Equipment access and
digital key management

Only registered users with permissions can operate and use a machine with enforced rules and daily time settings for 100% transparency.

Connect man and
machine usage

Always know who, when and where your equipment is being used and how. Machines only start after the successful completion of pre-checks.

Connect different rights
to the digital key

Enable your customers to maintain control especially unauthorised use of machines by limiting access with digital keys.

Unlocking new revenue streams

Once you have a digital platform that leverages a digital key and access management platform, the future possibilities are endless. Unlock weekend and off-contract revenue. As well as, develop new rental options with onsite rental pools at larger sites.

Plus you can also optimize and save money on your operations since you can now deliver your equipment overnight and not worry about a machine being accessed.

Contact us with your ideas and we will make them become possible.

Customer centric construction rental app overview

Of course, you need the features and functionality of a traditional rental app that can streamline all your back-end operations including Order Management, Quoting, Invoicing, Scheduling, Inventory Management and Billing. Now it’s time to leapfrog the competition and take your rental business into the 4th industrial revolution.

You are now in full control of the entire rental cycle from booking to handover to operator use and end of the rental. Irdeto’s solution can either integrate with your existing rental app and current infrastructure, or it can be used to build out a totally new platform.

Step 1: Look and

Make finding and booking your equipment super easy.

Click and Collect Equipment Rental App screenshot

Step 2: Digital key

Once booked, a digital key is provided to your customer automatically providing access to the vehicle ONLY for the dates and times booked.

Click and Collect Equipment Rental App screenshot

Step 3: Enforced

Create custom compliance, safety and equipment condition checklists. From simple survey questions to taking photos. Design the process that fits your business.

Click and Collect Equipment Rental App screenshot

Step 4: Stay in control

Since everything is digital, you can easily control who, when, what and how all your vehicles are being used.

Click and Collect Equipment Rental App screenshot

Irdeto’s customer promise

World-class customer

Our global customer support team is always here to help you get the most out of your investment and answer any questions you have 24/7.

New features released regularly
and easy onboarding

Our user-friendly interface and in-depth knowledge base make it easy for you to learn, regardless of your team’s technical abilities.

Secure, cloud-based

As a security company, we built everything to ensure your data and your customer’s data is safe, meets the latest compliance and regulations, and because it’s cloud-based you always have access to the latest features.

Want to learn more about how Irdeto’s trusted smart construction software
can help you?

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