Everything you need to control your forklift fleet from the lot, off-site and returned

The key to securely running your forklift rental and leasing business

How much money are you losing in your rental business?

Keystone for forklifts is a secure smart rental access management solution that provides a suite of controls helping with booking, handovers, operations and end of rental checks. Extend the value of your existing telematics and rental software solutions by enabling new ways to control and manage your fleet throughout the entire rental process.

Unlocking solutions that solve material handling challenges

We put your equipment at the heart of the solution to ensure from booking to returns, and everything in between stays in your control. With a mobile-first solution, you can manage the entire rental process and keep control of how your equipment can be used remotely. Your smart rental access management solution will enable you to:

  • Enable contactless renting
  • Take advantage of night-time deliveries
  • Enforce operator and daily safety checks
  • Provide incentives to reduce equipment damage
  • Ensure equipment is only being used for when paid

Equipment access thru your mobile app

By adding a smart access management solution to your toolkit, you can now control who has access to your forklifts, when they are allowed to operate them and how they can leverage certain features. From the moment a forklift is rented on your lot to when it gets returned, it stays in your control.

“I’m concerned about forklift abuse, unpaid weekend use and enforcing our rental contracts”

With Keystone Access Management you can:

Contactless Enabled Rental Services

Customers can simply download an app, rent, pay, bill and manage all their interactions throughout the entire rental contract.

Monetize Use

Enforce the days and times in your rental agreement and automatically upsell your customers when they want more use automatically.

Forklift Access

An easy way to manage when equipment can be turned on or off, by whom and enforce equipment use only during the rental period and/or time of day.

Rental Delivery Access

During delivery make sure the right operators can load or unload the forklifts, enforce limp modes and turn off other functionalities to reduce delivery damage.

Night Delivery Enabled

Avoid rush hour, and simply leave your forklift somewhere safe and rest assured no one can use it until their digital key is enabled.

Optimize End of Contracts

Manage your forklift fleets supply and demand more easily by extending contracts, requesting to end early incentives, rental sharing and more.

Fleet Maintenance Enforcement

Whether forklift needs maintenance, photos of proof, or cleaning for the next customer. Set your custom operational rules and have them easily enforced as the equipment changes hands throughout your teams.

Stay in control even at a distance

Keystone allows forklift rental and leasing owners to control their equipment remotely at all times regardless of where it is. From your lot to the customer premises, you can enforce operator restrictions, enforce checklists and compliance, and even revoke equipment use for when non-payment becomes an issue. Plus smart equipment disabling means your equipment remains secured but still can be used safely in urgent situations.

Unlocking on-demand services

Moving to a connected, mobile access equipment platform, opens up endless opportunities for on-demand services. Imagine selling and upgrading features on your equipment after they leave the lot. Or enabling new revenue models including on-demand rental pools, specific equipment features-only renting or extending contracts automatically when requested.

The future is smart and mobile

It’s time to meet your customers’ changing expectations. From a simple QR code to help customers download the app, keyless equipment access, easy operator enrollment and certification checks to safety and compliance checklists, Keystone effortlessly adapts to the way you work without getting in the way.

Let’s work together to help you win more customers today and in the future!

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