Trusted Smart Material Handling Software

From telematics to fleet management and keyless entry to operator enforcement, Irdeto’s Keystone technology is the industry leading access management solution for today’s modern material handling industry.

Improve safety & compliance, reduce maintenance costs and keep control of your forklifts even remotely.

Smart Forklift Rental & Leasing

Digitizing the operation of your forklift rental business is the key to your success. From apps to enforced rental rules and remote forklift immobilization to on-demand rental features. The future of better rental is endless.

Smart Forklift Fleet Management

Manage your forklift fleet and operators the way you always wanted. Restrict forklift access, enforce safety & maintenance checks, limit functionality and so much more.

Born from Security, Built to Challenge

As part of digital platform security company Irdeto, Keystone is built on the safest platform on the planet. A security platform that enables Keystone to challenge the rental business and set digitalization on the agenda.

Future of Rental

By digitalizing the key, we can rethink the model of rental as a whole. It opens up new services and business models and enables you to rethink the structure of your own business and create offerings that set you up for recurring revenue streams and exponential growth.

 A path breaking solution that underpins a safer and more secure value chain

In this report, Frost & Sullivan explain the benefits of a vehicle smart access solution like Irdeto Keystone in tackling these issues and opening up new revenue streams for OEMs and rental companies.