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Health and safety officer solutions

Ensure the health and safety of all your employees

Visibility and on-going communication with staff and contractors is a key challenge. You are responsible for the safety and compliance for everyone on your properties and worksites, however you can’t be everywhere, reminding everyone all the time.

You have emailed everyone more than once, posted the mandatory notices and posters, but it’s still not enough. Plus it’s difficult to keep up with all the new health and safety legislation and compliance requirements.

“Daily checks are a legal requirement, but I can’t get our operators to do them.”

Keystone for health & safety managers: OSHA compliance

We understand your challenges of trying to enforce all employees to remain up to date on all the latest safety procedures and ensure they are meeting mandated compliance including OSHA. That is why Keystone is an easy to use, tablet based solution that improves the way your staff work while implementing the checklists, reviews and alerts you need. Discover why health and safety managers rely on Keystone to get the job done!

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Improve driver behaviour

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Lower costs and risks

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Meet compliance and legal requirements

Health, safety and OSHA compliance software features

By integrating an keyless entry solution with a driver access management platform, your telematics opens up endless possibilities to help you deliver the safety and compliance results you always wanted.

You can now ensure access to vehicles is based on operator certifications, safety compliance checks are completed before a vehicle can be used and ensure all regulatory requirements are met. From training to limiting a vehicle’s functionality (like speed or load size) based upon past driver behaviour is now possible.

  • Easily enforce checklists (including OSHA)
  • Automate inspection points with QR codes
  • Gain transparent incident reporting and data collection for reporting
  • Set operator limits and vehicle governance (Speed, Loads, Turning, Impact Sensors)
  • Coach drivers on driving behaviour and improvements
  • Engage with operators and collect feedback on equipment real-time
  • Gamify daily work by offering prizes for impact free months
  • And more…

Keystone for OEM’s

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One last thing…

We also know it takes a team to be the best, that is why Keystone helps you work more easily with your Sales & Marketing Manager, Operations Manager and Fleet Manager.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk about how Keystone can help you!

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